Top Four WordPress Tutorial Sites for Intermediate Users

Wordpress: An Ultimate Guide To The Internet's Best Publishing Platform: A Complete Beginners Guide To Building and Designing Your Own Website_large_image_attachment

If you just use WordPress for basic blogging, you probably haven’t even thought about looking into WordPress tutorials. WordPress is designed to be easy to use and highly accessible to a wide variety of bloggers and webmasters. However, there are also a number of plugins, themes, and widgets available to WordPress users that allow for…

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Blog Brevity and Structure: The Key to Healthy Traffic


Whether you accept it or not, brevity and structure are the most important aspects of a blog. Before considering the blog’s content, people look at site structure. Poorly structured blogs in terms of aesthetics and content composition generally have no appeal to visitors, especially to readers.   Nobody wants to read thesis-like articles in a…

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Important Suggestions For Newbie Bloggers

How Newbie Bloggers can make themselves Visible: No doubt blogging is an interesting yet challenging task to do nowadays. It has got the power of attracting millions of viewers. At the same time, if it is unable to retain the interest of viewer, it can lose its identity. A lot of other options available have…

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Banning People from your Blog


A blog attracts all kinds of people; there are some who simply read the blog post, as well as some who comments on the content there. However, there are those who visit the site only to cause trouble with the community or the blogger him/herself, or even take content from your own site and call…

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WordPress: Allowed memory limit error


The dreaded memory limit error, you may have seen it while you were reading your favorite blog, or you may have encountered it while working on your own WordPress website or blog. The error message may seem daunting but is in most cases easy to fix. But first, let’s see what is causing this error.…

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Why Every Business Owner Needs a Blog

If something’s changed about the way people see the internet in the last half-decade, it’s that “blog” has moved from being a buzzword one hears incessantly on CNN to a fact of life. It’s assumed that people of all ages are constantly writing about anything and everything using weblogs, from individuals to large companies that…

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Helping others is what blogging is all about

Do you know what blogging is all about? It’s about sharing. Sharing your thoughts, sharing your opinion, sharing your knowledge. It’s about helping others, getting others to straighten out their thoughts by comparing them to yours, forming their opinion by reading yours, filling their gaps of knowledge, by soaking up yours. If that is what…

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5 things bloggers can learn from Christmas.


1. If you really want it, you can blog from anywhere, even from a stable in the middle of nowhere. All you need is a keyboard and an Internet connection. And if the quality of what you deliver is high enough, nobody will care where it came from. 2. Christmas is about love. So is…

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Blogging: 8 Elements for Grabbing and Keeping Attention


Blogging: 8 Elements for Grabbing and Keeping Attention In theory, blogging is not difficult to do. You only have to write posts on a regular basis and include necessary advertising or links in order to be called a blogger. However, if you want to do more than write a few posts every week and your…

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Real successful blogging

Passionate Be passionate about blogging, and be passionate about the subject you are blogging about. People want authenticity, they want ‘reality’, ‘real life Internet’, not someone blogging about mesothelioma, because that is the highest paying adsense keyword. You have to have feeling for your subject. You have to experience it. You have to be passionate…

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