Internet Marketing

Top 3 Secrets To Increase Website Traffic


Most of the people who are running their own websites tend to ask the question ‘how to increase the website traffic’. The simplest approach adopted by mostly people is to get the site ready, optimized and get it listed with the leading search engines. But, then again they are still stuck on the fact ‘how…

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No Thanks, I’ll Pass


The phrase, “No Thanks, I’ll Pass, is something that is not always a bad thing in the online business world. “No thanks, I’ll pass” is a phrase that we have all heard during our careers more than a few times. More often than not this is the phrase that is used when a client does…

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8 Ways to get more visitors to your blog


Having more traffic come to your blog is the surefire way to build community, sell stuff and carry out any goals you have. The trouble is that getting that targeted traffic to your website is not easy if you don’t know what you are doing. Here are 8 ways to get more visitors to your…

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Paid Traffic: Should It Be Used?


Bloggers who are just starting to blog always wonder is there an easy way for them to get their blog out on the web and to attain a high amount of traffic. Most of them do not blog full time and they do not have the time to put into social media, guest blogging and…

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Fire Your Boss and Create an Online Income


Fire Your Boss and Create an Online Income If you are like the majority of ‘employees’ in the workplace, you are faced with the constant threat of losing your job. Companies are either closing their doors entirely, or outsourcing their work to save money and increase their bottom line. It seems there is no such…

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How to Find Popular Keywords for Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is the practice of using keywords and keyword phrases in web content.  These terms tell search engines what the article, blog post, or other online content is about and match the webpage to user searches. Properly optimized content ranks higher in organic searches.  Use these tips to find popular keywords and keyword…

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Increase your Alexa Rank


Increase your Alexa Rank First of all, let’s see what this Alexa Rank is, and why it may be of importance to you. Alexa is a subsidiary of, and delivers information on traffic levels for websites. Alexa gathers this information through its toolbar, which can be downloaded and installed from Alexa may not…

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Dude, there’s ads on here!!!


Yes, I know, and it’s a good thing that you know too! I blog for several reasons. One of those reasons is because I like it, and because I like to share knowledge and information and tools. And I would love to do that even more and even better. But that costs time and money.…

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5 Least Successful Social Media Tricks for Magento Store Owners

You may get confused with the term social media buyers because it is a relatively new term in online business. Currently, e-commerce business organizations are majorly engrossed in increasing the flow of social media users towards their e-commerce websites. In a recent study, conducted to notice the flow of customers in online commerce industry, it…

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