PHP Notice: Undefined index

Have you ever gotten this error: Notice: Undefined index ‘fields of the table’ in ‘path of the PHP file you’re executing’ on line ‘the current linenumber’ ? I think you do, since most probably, Google or Bing or so have lead you to this post because you were searching for a solution for that very…

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Server Header Responses: The List

Wether you’re a webdeveloper, a server administrator, a mere mortal surfing the web, or just a nerd trying to understand everything you come across, Server Header Responses are something that we all get to deal with, so do I (try to guess in which category I fall, and tell me your guess in the comments…

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Javascript – an Introduction for Non-programmers


Just about everyone who has ever spent time on the internet has come across JavaScript. Unless you are a tech-savvy programmer, or a computer geek of any stripe, you probably only have a very vague clue – if any clue, at all – what JavaScript actually is. It is one the of the least understood,…

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How influencing is HTML5 on SEO


HTML is the markup language that helps us to structure and exhibit our web content. It is also the key factor in any search engine marketing techniques. A new markup language HTML 5 which is the revised version of the HTML code has been recently introduced. So can this new language modify the way SEO…

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PHP Lesson 3: Variables and Constants


Variables Variables are containers, they contain data. PHP is a loosely typed language, and thus the variable can contain any type of data, PHP will change the type of the variable implicitly, depending on the operation being performed on it. This is in strong contrast with strongly typed languages, such as Java, or C++, where…

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PHP Lesson 2: Data types


Today’s PHP lesson is about data types. Although PHP can work with many different data types, we divide them in two different categories: scalar data and composite data. Scalar data Scalar data can hold only one value at a time. PHP knows four different types of scalar data: Boolean: possible values are TRUE or FALSE…

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PHP Lesson 1: General Introduction

What is PHP? PHP is a scripting language, primarily intended to generate dynamical websites on a webserver. PHP is designed in 1994, by a senior software engineer at IBM, Rasmus Lerdorf, and the language was clearly inspired by Perl. The letters PHP used to mean Personal Homepage (or more complete: Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter, PHP/FI).…

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The best scripting-tips on the net


ASP.NET Microsoft ASP.NET Developer Center http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net The Microsoft-homepage for ASP.NET-developpers with documentation and community ASP Free www.aspfree.com Website of independent ASP-programmers with help, trics, manuals, blogs, forum and information about ASP.NET JavaScript/JScript JavaScript tutorials javascript.internet.com The website includes tutorials, download center, blog, community and resources Javascript.com www.javascript.com This website includes community center, forums, blog and…

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Recognizing the iPhone for webpages

Goodlucky365 18pcs Phone Icon Magnet, Iphone App Magnets, Fridge Magnets,funny Magnets_large_image_attachment

As said in my 2009 predictions, the iPhone, and other mobile devices, will get a larger share in the tools your visitors use to visit your websites. So I suppose you will not be surprised when I tell you that it is very important to sure that your website is ready to receive your mobile…

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Jumpstart AJAX Tutorial

Days I’ve been searching after a decent, small, simple tutorial, to help me take the first steps into the World Of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML). None did I find… Therefor, I decided to write this small jumpstart Ajax Tutorial Thingy. Feel free to try it, comment on it, and spread it… First… what the…

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