Stats show you what?

So, you have your shiny new blog, with some excellent posts, and you add some posts every day, and you make sure you post links to your blog. And now what? you installed a statspackage, such as Google Analytics but what does it tell you? To clear up some of your questions, I created the…

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What’s this PageRank (PR) all about?

SEO 2016 Learn Search Engine Optimization  With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies: Learn SEO with smart internet marketing strategies_large_image_attachment

*2016 Edit: PageRank as a number is used less frequently these days. However, it is still relevant, it is still being used in the algorithms most probably (nobody really knows what these are…), and, it is very useful to know what this is all about. Therefor I choose to republish this 2008 article about Google’s…

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What’s a Sitemap For? How Do You make One?

Learn How to Make an XML Sitemap If you’re interested in creating your own website, one of the problems you may run into is creating a sitemap. So, what is it and how does it work? Essentially, a sitemap is a tool that allows search engines and visitors to look up pages within a website.…

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Why you need to check your backlinks


Always double check any links that have been placed on another site. Not everyone is honest and a simple glance on another website to see your link is there is not good enough – not everything is as it seems at times. If you have arranged a reciprocal link, or paid to place a link…

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How Web Design of a Site Impacts SEO

There is a lot that you need to consider when it comes to building up an effective web portal than merely having a good design. To attract more and more people to your website and make your business noticed by the leading search engines, it is imperative for you to have an effective and efficient…

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Regular Expressions Cheatsheet

. (Dot)   The wildcard, The Joker. The dot is a single instance of any possible character.   ^ Start of string A Start of string $ End of string Z End of string b Word boundary B Not word boundary < Start of word > End of word c Control Character s White Space…

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What is this gclid parameter in my weblogs?

Have you ever come across a url containing a reference to gclid, like this, in your weblogs: http://mydomain.com/?gclid=CN-OsbGA23azFa7JtAod3Fr5z and didn’t know where it was coming from, or what it was doing? Well, search no more! The gclid parameter is used by Google, and it’s value is used to link your Google Adwords campaigns to your…

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Joomla or WordPress – Choosing the Right CMS

Pros and cons of each CMS platform. When deciding to build yourself a brand new website, you are flooded with so many options in terms of which Content Management System (CMS) to use. Two of the best out there today are WordPress and Joomla, and debates have been ongoing as to which one is better…

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Is Google PageRank Important for Small Businesses?

Optimizing for Small Business Any business wanting to be taken seriously needs an online presence, whether it’s a multi-chain bookstore, an art supply store, or a one-man rodent control business. A website, however, only improves business if people can find it, meaning it has to show up in the first two pages of search results.…

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