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5 tips on linking

By admin | December 15, 2008

1. Optimize your incoming links. Check out who is linking to you, which pages they link to, and what anchor text they use to link to you. Make sure that the text they are using is relevant for the page they are linking to. Links with ‘click here’ as anchortext are an absolute nono! If…

Earning with Adsense via speech???

By admin | December 1, 2008

As said often before here, when you want to earn with Adsense, content is king… To get good grades from Google you need: – unique content – regularly updated content – informative content – content that is being linked to from other sites Anyone who maintains a blog will be able to tell you this:…

iPhone Tips

By admin | November 28, 2008

iPhone Tips for iPhone Lovers The iPhone you’re currently holding in your hand (yeah, I know you, you’re just like me, can’t lay it down, can’t put it away 😉 ) is a wonderful piece of technology and userfriendlyness. However, here are some great iPhone Tips that will even improve the experience! 1. Adding a…

Google Adsense Payout Rate

By admin | November 24, 2008

Google Adsense Payout Rate question:I have few websites and make money online with google adsense. I have seen adsense pay different “pay rates” per click for the same advertisement. Sometimes it pays $ 0.80 per click. Sometimes it pays $ 0.05 for the same ad. Can you tell me why this is? Answer:It depends on…

Does Adsense really work?

By admin | November 21, 2008

Quite often I get the question if it is really true that you can earn money via the Adsense program, and if so, if you can get rich with it, or at least do “fairly well financially”, as some publishers claim. As Google prohibits publishing your adsense earnings, there is no real way to check…

Highest Paying Keywords

By admin | June 27, 2008

A question people often ask me is, “What is the best way to start earning more using Adsense?”Of course, I use this to promote my blog, and point them to the articles about Adsense, and how to tune it. The next question that comes up, without any doubt is this: “What are the highest paying…

Managing Emails: Taming Gmail

By admin | June 25, 2008

Although emailclients such as outlook and Apple’s Mail are packed with features, they lack on very useful option: being available everywhere… Luckily, there are other solutions, in the form of webmail, however, most of them lack the powerful features of an offline mailclient. However, Google’s Gmail is the exception that sets the rule, by delivering…

Google’s Goal

By admin | June 12, 2008

Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt, who was the featured speaker at a Newhouse School event in San Francisco, said that “The goal of the company [Google] is not to monetize everything, the goal of the company is to change the world, monetization is a way to pay for that.” He replied this on the…

Jumpstart AJAX Tutorial

By admin | April 25, 2008

Days I’ve been searching after a decent, small, simple tutorial, to help me take the first steps into the World Of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML). None did I find… Therefor, I decided to write this small jumpstart Ajax Tutorial Thingy. Feel free to try it, comment on it, and spread it… First… what the…

Keyboard Shortcuts you should know: Part 2: Internet Explorer 7

By admin | April 23, 2008

Basics: Alt+Left Arrow: Takes you Back to the last page Alt+Right Arrow: Takes you Forward to the next page Escape (Esc): Stops the page from loading any further F5 or Ctrl+F5 : Refresh the page (Ctrl+F5 reloads without using the cache! Always handy to test out some stuff) Alt+Home: Go straight to your Homepage Alt+D:…

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