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Capturing Autumn’s Ephemeral Beauty: A Drone’s Perspective

There’s a brief, magical window in the fall when nature puts on a breathtaking display of color before the winds strip the trees of their leaves. This fleeting period, when the trees turn a vibrant red, is a photographer’s dream and a perfect subject for aerial...

Capturing Magic: A Sunset Walk in the Forest

A magical sunset walk in the forest last week turned into a photo adventure. With my Canon R5 and EF100 f2.8 L Macro lens, I captured ethereal flowers and dreamlike ground shots that felt more like autumn than July.

Autumn Evening at Cap-Blanc-Nez and Cap-Griz-Nez

A serene autumn sunset walk at Cap-Blanc-Nez and Cap-Griz-Nez, captured with a Fujifilm XT2. From tranquil fields to dramatic skies and a guiding lighthouse, this journey showcases nature’s raw beauty away from crowded Belgian beaches.

A Close-Up Safari: Discovering New Faces at the Zoo

Captured stunning close-ups of zoo animals with my Canon R5 and RF 800mm f11 lens. Highlights include the playful sea lions and the stoic alligators, showcasing their unique details and personalities.

An Autumn Sunset: Capturing the Beauty of the Canal and Fields

Last autumn, I captured stunning sunset photos with my DJI Air2s drone over the canal and fields in my neighborhood. The vibrant hues and serene landscapes perfectly encapsulate the season’s beauty.

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Winged Majesty: A Photographic Odyssey with the Great Cormorant

The mysterious and enthralling behavior of the great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) became a subject of my keen interest last year. Little did I know that this curiosity would grow into a passionate endeavor, merging my love for ornithology and photography in a fascinating and rewarding journey.

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