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River sunset

Top images of May 2018

By admin | Jun 5, 2018

As you may or may not know from my ‘best picture’ post of last month, I haven’t been able to work on screens a lot in May due to health issues. Unfortunately, pushing shutter buttons also fell in the same category of items that we’re a little too hard to do. This means I haven’t published…

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Rural Sunrise

Top image of April 2018

By admin | May 22, 2018

22 of may, I know, I’m 22 days late with my “Best of” post. Unfortunately, I’ve had some health issues, keeping me a away from computers and other screenish things. But now I’m back! In full force! So here they are, the best pictures of April 2018. Top photograph in April on Instagram And 500px…

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Coffee in Brussels

Top image of March 2018

By admin | Apr 5, 2018

Top photograph in March on Instagram Brussels, it’s a city I both love and hate… But let’s focus on the love part here! For my webdevelopment job, I need to be in Brussels several days a week. And I am lucky there, in that it is in the old center of the city that I…

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Gerberas in a vase dark version - Björn Beheydt

A Sunday afternoon flower photoshoot

By admin | Mar 18, 2018

It’s Sunday, it’s really, really cold outside, and I don’t feel like sitting behind a computer or in front of the tv all day. So, then what do you do? Right, you take out some flowers you have laying around in a cupboard, you put up a fruit crate, put the 24-70 on the trusty…

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Best picture on 500px for me in February 2018

Top image of February 2018

By admin | Mar 5, 2018

Top photograph in February on Instagram I live in a lovely little village in the quiet part of Flanders in Belgium, and in the more lovely and quiet part of that village, there’s a canal. And we happen to live right next to it. So looking out of my window, I can see the canal…

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Line of trees against a cloudy red sunrise

Top image of january 2018

By admin | Feb 6, 2018

I started this new series of articles last month, each month an overview of top performing posts and/or images. With a bit of a delay, due to the “family first”-rule, I present to you, my top image of January 2018. A picture of a row of trees in wintertime against a soft red and blue-grey…

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My top Instagram photo

My top Instagram post – Ever!

By admin | Jan 12, 2018

As you may or may not know: I am a photographer, and I make photographs. A lot of them. And many of those photographs go onto social media, others are for customers, or go onto Stock Agencies to be sold to who ever wants to buy them. One of the social media I post my…

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Photography Tips – Keeping Printed Photos At Their Best

By admin | Aug 29, 2017

This excellent photography related article gives up some great hints and tips to do with keeping printed photos looking great for the maximum amount of time!

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Top 25 Photoshop Tips – Part 2

By admin | Dec 12, 2016

This post is the second part of the two part-serie of the Top 25 Photoshop Tips. If you came straight to this article, no worries, you can find The Top 25 Photoshop Tips Part 1 here. Enjoy Part 2! 13. Switching Channels The Ctrl hotkey modifier, combined with the numbers from 0 to 4, will…

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Highest Paying Keywords

By admin | Jun 27, 2008

A question people often ask me is, “What is the best way to start earning more using Adsense?”Of course, I use this to promote my blog, and point them to the articles about Adsense, and how to tune it. The next question that comes up, without any doubt is this: “What are the highest paying…

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Managing Emails: Taming Gmail

By admin | Jun 25, 2008

Although emailclients such as outlook and Apple’s Mail are packed with features, they lack on very useful option: being available everywhere… Luckily, there are other solutions, in the form of webmail, however, most of them lack the powerful features of an offline mailclient. However, Google’s Gmail is the exception that sets the rule, by delivering…

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Google’s Goal

By admin | Jun 12, 2008

Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt, who was the featured speaker at a Newhouse School event in San Francisco, said that “The goal of the company [Google] is not to monetize everything, the goal of the company is to change the world, monetization is a way to pay for that.” He replied this on the…

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Jumpstart AJAX Tutorial

By admin | Apr 25, 2008

Days I’ve been searching after a decent, small, simple tutorial, to help me take the first steps into the World Of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML). None did I find… Therefor, I decided to write this small jumpstart Ajax Tutorial Thingy. Feel free to try it, comment on it, and spread it… First… what the…

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Keyboard Shortcuts you should know: Part 2: Internet Explorer 7

By admin | Apr 23, 2008

Basics: Alt+Left Arrow: Takes you Back to the last page Alt+Right Arrow: Takes you Forward to the next page Escape (Esc): Stops the page from loading any further F5 or Ctrl+F5 : Refresh the page (Ctrl+F5 reloads without using the cache! Always handy to test out some stuff) Alt+Home: Go straight to your Homepage Alt+D:…

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Firefox shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts you should know: Part 1: Firefox

By admin | Apr 15, 2008

(note: for Mac users, Ctrl can be replaced by the Command key (Apple sign)) 1: Alt + D: Brings you straight to the address bar of your Firefox browser. This can come in VERY handy when you want to try out the next keyboard shortcut below 😉 2: Ctrl-Enter: Auto complete the address in the…

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How to add Google’s Image Search to your website?

By admin | Apr 11, 2008

I know how to add a Google Search Box to my website, but how can I add the Image Search from Google? Easy! Let’s take a look at a standard search url from Google: Now, let’s strip that one down to right the bare essential: The extra info in the string tells Google…

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Wow! Oh no… 1st of April, and Google…

By admin | Apr 2, 2008

A bad combination, or at least, if you do not like jokes… This years joke from Google on Gmail is great again. Wouldn’t you just wish it was true? I know alot of people on the internet believed it was true… How would they do it? Simple: Gmail utilizes an e-flux capacitor to resolve issues…

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Google’s newest joke or not? Adsense Stickers!

By admin | Mar 20, 2008

I just found this email from Google Adsense about Adsense Stickers in my mailbox, would it be real, or not? If you’re well versed in webspeak, you’re probably familiar with the concept of stickiness — the quality that entices web users to stick around a given site. Here at AdSense, we’re down with the web…

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