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Showing the beauty in the World, One Photo at a Time

Beauty is all around us, everywhere in the world. Sometimes it is just there in plain sight, sometimes it is hidden behind ugliness, but beauty and love are all over the place.

One of my goals in life is showing that beauty.

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Best images of July and August 2019

Best images of July and August 2019

Juli and August are holiday months, so I hope you enjoyed your holiday, I know I did enjoy mine! And since holiday means "less or no work, and more relaxing and enjoying", I did just that. Relaxed more, and worked (a bit) less, and enjoyed it all. I also took some...

Best images of June 2019

Best images of June 2019

Every month I take a look at the best selling or scoring images of the month before. Telling you something more about how these best images of the month.

Best images of May 2019

Best images of May 2019

Here we are again, may has passed, and believe it or not, but when I started writing this article, it had only passed for one single day. Now, when ending the article, we're well passed half of June already. Time passes by, and it even flies. Whether you have fun or...

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