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Not sure why, but wisdom of life has always had my attention. Even as a child, the larger questions of life, such as the big “why” has always been on my mind. And on now, being an adult, it still is. I have found some answers to some questions. Such as, does true love exist? Yes, I believe it does. But for the others, are they the correct ones? I don’t know. So the search continues. Via lifecoaching, via Yoga, via reading, and even via quotes. So yes, if you follow me on social media, you will see a quote passing by once in a while. And often people ask me if they can use it, or where they can look back at them, so I’m gathering them here, together with my mind-dump posts.

Setting your goals, on short term

New year, the typical time of the year when everyone sets their goals for the coming year. And so should you! Setting your goals is important if you want direction, and face it, we all need direction, or we're just wandering around. When you set your goals, you should...

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