It’s all about you. No, it’s all about me! It’s about us. All of us.

We live together, you and I. Whoever you are, my reader, wherever you are. Be you male or female, or not yet sure, or anything else. Be you young or old, Asian, American, European, Arabian, … Be you strong, or poor, depressed or living life to the fullest. We live together, maybe not in this house, or in this village. Or even this country or this continent. But we do live together, on this earth.  And the earth has become a very small place due to technology, and the world has become a very connected place. So we live together. And that makes that it’s all about you. And all about me. It’s about us. But still most about me!

It’s all about me

Is it all about me?

Yes, it is. This is where it starts. With me. From me, it goes to you, and to all other people with whom I come in contact, directly or indirectly. In real life, or virtually. Now, or at any time in a lifetime. Not even mine, but any lifetime. Yes, I’m thinking big here!

When I’m annoyed by a Youtube video, or a tweet, and I respond to it in a very hateful and mean way, my words have an impact on people. Today, right now. But also tomorrow, and maybe next week.

When I send that angry reply, my mood is angry. And while walking to the railway station, I will not smile, but I will have an angry face. I will not let people go in front of me, passing me by, but I will bump into people, trying to get on the platform as fast as possible.

When someone reads my angry reply, my angriness will be conveyed onto this person, leaving him or her  with an angry feeling too. Perhaps, at that moment, the spouse comes home, wanting to talk about something really personal to them. The reader of my angry comment, is not in a happy or positive state of mind, and is not responding well to the conversation with their spouse. Not being as understanding and compassionate as they could’ve been. Leaving the spouse with a bad feeling, and maybe even a dent in their relationship.

My actions have consequences. For me, but also for you. And yours have consequences too. For you, but also for everyone you interact with. And if you see how many people we interact with each and every day, and how many of our interactions are documented, and saved somewhere online for eternity (well, ok), we may want to stop, think, and reconsider the way we feel, act, communicate, behave. Live.

It's about you
It’s all about you…

It’s all about us

You can choose not to reply at all. Or, with the same effort that I’m writing a bad mooded angry response to a tweet or a youtube video, I can write a nice, warm, loving and encouraging comment. It will leave me with a warm good feeling. And when I walk to the railway station, I will look at ease, I will smile. People who see me will start smiling too, because smiles too are contagious. And the people they come across will start to smile too. And a smile leaves you with a good feeling. A warm and positive feeling, a feeling of love. And it spreads, it spreads well. When you do good, when you share, when you smile, when you act out of compassion and love, it spreads around. And what’s even better, love, compassion, smiles, when you share them, you get even more of it, instead of less.

So today, and every second of every day for the rest of my life, I will act out of love and compassion and gratefullnes, and I will smile, and react in a warm and loving manner.

And will I succeed? No, not every minute. But every minute I do succeed, is a minute less negativity in the world.

I challenge you, to do the same, because it is all about me. And it is all about you. Whoever you are.

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