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Singing the Twitter Blues

Tweeting twitter tips for Twitterers

How to Use Twitter Constructively When Twitter alighted upon the scene, it seemed pretty innocuous. Ushered in on the wings of a cute little blue birdie, this free, social networking service enabled users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters. Certainly manageable, wouldn’t you say? On first blush, it seemed that…

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Must Read! Scheduling Tweets

twitter hashtags

Why You Should Schedule Your Tweets If you are an avid social media user you know that staying in tune on Twitter can be like a hard time job. In order to receive the results that you desire you are going to have to put in a lot of work to become established in the…

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The Novice’s Guide to Understanding Twitter

Understanding Twitter’s usefulness, learning the language, and developing practice Technology has become a part of our daily lives. From the internet to mobile computing, virtually everyone owns or uses some piece of computer technology to get them through their work or personal time. Of course, there are many technological ideas that seem to serve no…

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Facebook Traffic Tips and Tricks

How to drive traffic via Facebook By now almost everybody has heard that Facebook is the next big thing in marketing, and that you shouldn’t have a blog without having a Facebook fan page. There is some truth to this, but the truth of the matter is that most people who set up a page…

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How to Improve Your Klout Score

If you want to know how well your social media use is really working, you need to look only as far as your Klout score. Klout measures your social media influence based on a ton of different criteria, and it analyzes how well you’re doing. If you’re concerned about how you can raise your Klout…

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Best practices of Twitter

1. Don’t follow a gazillion people Especially not if you don’t have alot of people following you back. First of all, there is a thing called “information overload”, which will happen if you follow too many people, and you don’t manage them well in lists. Second, your follow/following ratio is a major factor for Google…

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12 Facebook Marketing Tips & Tools

Marketing today is increasingly relational in all media. When it comes to marketing via Facebook, the largest social networking platform on the planet, being relational, respectful of your fans, and marketing within the existing culture are vital for success. These 12 tips will help you form a winning strategy your fans will appreciate and welcome.…

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Create Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2017

Social media has become popular in the recent years. For many companies social media marketing has become an integral part of their marketing strategies. Let’s have a look at how we can set up a successful social marketing campaign. Marketing is an important element of every business. Unless you market your products and services, you…

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Get your tweets in Google

A few years ago (on October 21, 2009 to be exact), Google and Twitter reached an agreement. An agreement which had quite some consequences for all twitter-users. Google and Twitter agreed on showing not only the Twitter profile pages in Google search results, but also the individual tweets. What does this mean to us, mere bloggers?…

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