How to Find Popular Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the practice of using keywords and keyword phrases in web content.  These terms tell search engines what the article, blog post, or other online content is about and match the webpage to user searches. Properly optimized content ranks higher in organic searches.  Use these tips to find popular keywords and keyword…

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Internet 10000 faster???

Fiber networks at Large Hadron Colider

I guess I am not telling you anything new when I say that the internet as we know it is slowing down. Although more and more people are using broadband to connect to the internet, and even though the computers and servers are getting faster and faster, the overal internet is slowing down. The reason…

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Google’s search history

A question that I am often asked is: How can I remove one or more items from my recent search list when typing in the Google search box? Well, it is not that hard in fact: use the arrow keys to select the item you wish to delete, and press delete 😉 Works in the…

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Mac OS X Safari Web Content Process

Or, why is Safari Web Content eating my Mac’s memory? If you, like me, open up many programs at the same time, and in these programs, open up many documents and tabs at the same time, then, like me, you also keep a close eye on what your CPU and memory are doing. And if…

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How Can I Make Money Online? Please Help!

earn money online

With the depressing economic state, and the dire straits that many people now find themselves in, it seems turning to the internet for a solution is becoming the first option for people to try and alleviate their financial woes. Everyday thousands of individuals from across the globe search the internet for ways to make money…

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HCNE Certification GB0-280 and GB0-320

Huawei HCNE Certification by gb0-230 exam and Huawei gb0-320 exam are highly required certification and are significantly valued by IT organizations. As Huawei professionals can straightforwardly get a job at any place in the world. People interested in Huawei gb0-230 exam and Huawei gb0-320 exam find it tough to get real and up to date…

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How Web Design of a Site Impacts SEO

There is a lot that you need to consider when it comes to building up an effective web portal than merely having a good design. To attract more and more people to your website and make your business noticed by the leading search engines, it is imperative for you to have an effective and efficient…

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Regular Expressions Cheatsheet

. (Dot)   The wildcard, The Joker. The dot is a single instance of any possible character.   ^ Start of string A Start of string $ End of string Z End of string b Word boundary B Not word boundary < Start of word > End of word c Control Character s White Space…

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Google Web Cache, Google User Content

You’ve probably seen them before, the urls with in them. Probably you wondered what they were, and were a bit suspicious. One place where they show up regularly are your Google Adsense stats, in the list of sites accompanied by this warning: Now, what is that? What to do with those unauthorised sites? Well,…

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