Iconic Phones from the 80s Onwards

The last 30 years or so have seen some major innovations in technology. Just about every facet of technological life that was around in some form in the 1980s (think computers, music systems etc) has undergone a pretty drastic overhaul – and that’s just in terms of technology. Style has evolved even more, and despite…

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How to Transfer Contacts From a Blackberry to an iPhone

Unfortunately nowadays, there are so many kinds of communication devices that at one point or another, you will be forced to transfer insane amounts of information back and forth between them. If the average American goes through six career changes in their work life, then surely they go through a few changes with mobile devices.…

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What does the future hold for mobile broadband technology?

When considering the future of mobile broadband technology, experts seem to agree on a single aspect: ubiquity. While previous attempts at deploying wireless technology on a mass scale have been confined using WiFi in order to “getting rid of the wire”, increased competition among the major mobile industry players has gone beyond providing wireless Internet…

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