Unfortunately nowadays, there are so many kinds of communication devices that at one point or another, you will be forced to transfer insane amounts of information back and forth between them. If the average American goes through six career changes in their work life, then surely they go through a few changes with mobile devices. Mobile phones have become an integral part of both our working and personal lives, and the personal information that they hold includes video and audio media for entertainment, as well as business contacts and presentations in some cases.

Therefore it isn’t much of a stretch to assume that even those of us that are savvy often experience difficulty figuring out the nuances involved with transferring contacts and sensitive data from one type of phone to another. This tutorial will cover the simplest and most reliable way to transfer contacts from the popular RIM Blackberry devices onto iPhone gadgets. This works even if you use Outlook to sync your emails.

How to Transfer Contacts From a Blackberry to an iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts From a Blackberry to an iPhone

You can synchronize your contacts from your BlackBerry phone to BlackBerry Desktop Manager and Outlook even though the transfer of contacts directly to your iPhone is impossible. You will be able to sync Outlook with your iPhone once they are synchronized. In the event of data loss, it is always recommended to back up your data and update your iTunes and device software before connecting your Blackberry.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager can be accessed readily by simply remembering this easy four-step process: “Start”, “All Programs”, “BlackBerry”, and of course, “BlackBerry Desktop Manager”. Insert one end of the BlackBerry USB cable into your computer’s USB panel, and insert the other end into your BlackBerry phone. In the BlackBerry Desktop Manager window, click the “synchronize” button, and then click the “synchronization” button. Click “Next” after you check the circle next to “One way sync from Device”. Clicking “Finish” completes the configuration.

Click “Synchronize” after having checked the “Synchronize organizer data” box. Once it has synchronized, unplug your BlackBerry from your computer. To install iTunes, start by clicking the “Start” key, go to “All Programs”, then to “Apple”, and finally to “iTunes”. Plug the other end into your computer’s USB port after plugging the iPhone USB Cable into the bottom of the iPhone. In the iTunes sidebar, you will need to click on the tab titled “iPhone”.

Check the box next to “Sync Contacts from Outlook” after clicking the “Info” tab. You can choose either “All Contacts” or “Selected Groups” options. Check the boxes which are next to those groups that you want to synchronize in case you opt for the latter option. Once the iPhone sync is finished, hit “Apply”, then detach your iPhone from the computer. A message will pop up that says “OK to disconnect.”

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