Linux Tip: What DU can do for you

"du -ch --max-depth=1 | sort -hr" Saviour of wasted diskspace

We’ve all been there, running out of space. On our mobile phones, in our appartements, and most important of all, on our computer’s file system. You’ve been working and surfing and playing along, watching a movie here and there, installing a game or a new app perhaps, and listening to some great music, and poof……

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LibreOffice & OpenOffice on Linux gives .doc problems on networkdrives

You’re using Linux at work, while all the others are on Windows? You’re cool! Linux can handle just about anything, and has solutions for just about anything. However, sometimes you may just run into some issues. Using LibreOffice of OpenOffice to open documents which reside on a Windows network is one of those problems. What…

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Linux and iPhone? Match!

You know how it goes, you love your iPhone, and you love your Linux machine. Too bad, your two loves don’t really mix and match… Your iPhone needs iTunes, and unfortunately, iTunes is available for Windows, and for Mac, but not for Linux, not in any flavor. However, have we got news for you: as…

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Kubuntu: KPackageKit cannot get exclusive lock

Just a small solution for an annoying errormessage I kept getting on my Kubuntu machine. When trying to install some new software, KPackageKit kept giving me the error “Cannot get the exclusive lock on the packaging backend. Please close any other legacy packaging tools that may be open.” Even though I had no other packaging…

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Ubuntu, Linux for human beings

Linux, the open-source operating system that is a popular alternative to Microsoft Windows, has enjoyed a growing user base and a choice of hundreds of different distributions. At its core, Linux consists of a kernel, libraries and various applications. A distribution is a particular combination of these elements put together in a particular way that…

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