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How moving can help you earn cryptocurrency with Move2Earn dapps

Did you know that you can earn cryptocurrencies by moving? Yes, it's true! You can earn and burn to get healthy and wealthy!! Earn Crypto's, Burn fat, get Healthy (doh!) and Wealthy! All at the same time! There are a number of blockchain-based platforms or dapps that...

Data Model Your Way To Success

When your daily life regularly has databases in it, then the chances are quite high that you’ve already heard the term quite a few times, data modelin…

Best images of August 2020

Top Instagram image of August 2020 Of horses and sunsets... We live in a very rural and natural area of Belgium, this makes for the opportunity to make nice long walks in nature, which we all love in our family. This means we can walk a lot, and still discover a lot...

Best images of July 2020

Every month I take a look at the best selling or scoring images of the month before. Telling you something more about how these best images of the month.

Best images of June 2020

June 2020, another strange month that will be remembered. But what were my images that scored best on social media? Read on to find out!

Tips To Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

The iPhone series from Apple, or the flagships of the main Android phone brands are some of the most technologically advanced phones right now at the planet. With each new interation of iOS or Android, they become smore powerful than ever and capable of executing...

There’s more inside Google than you think!

Always know the right time: Should your computerclock ever fail, or you doubt that it is correct, Google is there to help you! Just type "What time is it", and you get the current local time of wherever you are! Example:...

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