Ah, the lunch break: that one golden hour in the middle of the day where you get to escape the office and breathe in the free air of the outside world. Some people eat sandwiches, some jog – but you? You embark on a photographic escapade that would make even the most seasoned city dweller’s heart skip a beat.

Picture this: the city, a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, and apparently, where lunch breaks are spent not munching on salads, but on the pursuit of the perfect shot. There I was, Canon R5 in hand, lenses gleaming in the midday sun – the L100 f2.8 macro for when I wanted to get up close and personal, and the L15-35 f2.8 for when I needed to capture the grandeur of the urban sprawl.

Enter the model, a regular collaborator who has the uncanny ability to look effortlessly chic even when sandwiched between a food truck and a mailbox. We’re not in the studio; we’re on the streets, where the wind is our fan and the passersby our audience. The first image captures her gaze, piercing through the lens with the kind of intensity that would make the pigeons pause and admire.


As we move through the alleyways, each cobblestone becomes a catwalk. The second photo shows her in motion, the world blurring past as she strides confidently, her coat billowing like a superhero’s cape. A testament to the versatility of the R5, freezing this moment with clarity that would make a high-speed chase look like a slow dance.


And for the grand finale, our third act: a candid smile, a spontaneous twirl, and a backdrop that whispers tales of the city. The kind of shot that says, “Yes, this was just a lunch break, but who says it can’t be extraordinary?”


There you have it, folks. A lunchtime escapade that proves all you need is a Canon R5, a couple of great lenses, and a city waiting to be captured. Now, if only I could get back to the office without my boss noticing the absence of both me and my sandwich.

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