New year, the typical time of the year when everyone sets their goals for the coming year. And so should you! Setting your goals is important if you want direction, and face it, we all need direction, or we’re just wandering around.
When you set your goals, you should set them SMART: Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Tim-based. Let’s first take a look at what these SMART goals are, and later we’ll see a great way to reach them.


You need to set specific goals. Don’t just say I want to monetise my blog in 2010, or, I want to lose weight, but specify: I want my blog to earn me a living by the end of the year, or I want to reach a healthy BMI score by the end of march.


This point is very closely related to the first point. By setting a number, you make your goals measurable: I want my blog to earn me 2500$ a month by the end of the year, or I want to lose 5 pounds by the end of march.


There is no point in setting goals if they don’t take you somewhere. Preferably somewhere further down the road. Make your goals ambitious. Very ambitious. There is no point in setting a goal like: I want my blog to earn me 1$ a year by the end of 2010. Or I want to lose half a pound in the coming 6 months. Reach for the stars! Like Michelangelo said it: “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”


It may sound contradictory to the previous point, but however high you aim, your goals must still be realistic. Don’t set goals like I want to lose 100 pounds in two weeks. That’s not healthy, really. Or, I want my blog to earn me 1 million dollars by the end of this month. That’s just plain luck!


As you’ve seen in all the points before, your goals need to be time-based. There is no point in setting your goals without timing. I mean, I want to lose 10 pounds. Yes, if you wait long enough, you will, eventually, in 150 years or so, I bet you’ll weigh even more than 10 pounds less then today… Or, I want my blog to earn 100$. Over a timespan of 10 minutes? Great blog! Or over a timespan of 10 years? Man, your blog sucks then.

But… Which timeperiod to choose? And now (drum roll)… what this post is all about: You should set your goals short. Why’s that? Well, setting your goals on a short time, will create very strict deadlines for you. This gives you no time to wander off to other things. This gives you no time to get into doubt about the better best of bestest way to reach it. This gives you no time for distractions. This gives you only time for action! And that is what you need to reach your goals!

So go out now, take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down your goals. Not for 2017, not for january, but for this week, for tomorow, for today. And then go and achieve them.

Oh, and come back over here, and share your goals in the comments, because another factor in achieving your goals is sharing them (what? Do I see you lighting a cigarette? You told me your goal was… etcetera, you get the point 😉 ).

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