Loving yourself is the absolute basis for everything else in your life. It may sounds counterintuitive, and even selfish at first. And I must admit,  I struggled with this for years and years myself. However, it’s simple, without self-love, we can’t love others, or accept that others love us. Self-love is a seeing what is good in yourself. And that is the fundamental to recognizing what is good in others. Self-love is a basic need for mental health, and for self-esteem. So following this list may cause your self-esteem to increase, and your mental health to improve, so it may be a good idea to start working on these tips to love yourself more!

Love yourself more, I love me

Loving yourself more:

  1. Always use nice and positive words when you talk about yourself
  2. Take a real “me” day from time to time, even with a (social)media-stop
  3. Take responsibility for how you feel. You have to power to change it, you control how you feel.
  4. Learn to say “No”, or “thank you very much, but I will skip this time” when you don’t feel like doing it.
  5. Always remember your priorities, your goals, what’s most important to you
  6. Always remember the ones you love, who are important to you, and the ones that love you, and to whom you are important
  7. Make each meal a special occasion, and learn the art of conversation during those meal
  8. Treat yourself to an empty kitchen sink and a clean bed every day
  9. Regularly take a long walk, preferably in nature, with only yourself
  10. Write down a list of at least ten things that you want to experience in your lifetime. And try to make it happen
  11. Reach out. Help someone who you know needs it
  12. Organize your closets and tidy up your room. A structured house gives you a structured mind
  13. Check the clothes you buy for two criteria: They have to make you feel absolutely fab, and they should fit comfortably
  14. Avoid drama at all cost, but deal with the issues you need to deal with!
  15. Always remember that it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be. And the same goes for you!
  16. Go to bed each night around the same time
  17. Look in the mirror and think “Wow, I’m really hot!”
  18. Use your energy efficiently, and don’t let people drain it
  19. Use your time wisely, and don’t let people waste it
  20. Speak only half the time you think you should
  21. Play. As much as you can. Everywhere, every time you can

As a general tip: Being alone in nature is a good way to practice some of the exercises to love yourself more, as a natural environment naturally relaxes, and makes us feel more at ease.

Relax, while taking a walk in nature, and love yourself more
Relax, while taking a walk in nature, and love yourself more

Maybe you were already doing some of these things to love yourself more, maybe you have some other nice tips, so let us know in the comments what your goto tip is to love yourself more, which you want to share with our readers!

And don’t forget to come back often, because I will use this list as a start for more self love articles.

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