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Road trip to Normandy: Photographic meditation at a pebble beach

By Bjorn | May 20, 2019

A road trip to Normandy beaches in France, The pebble beach of Fecamp, The chalk of Etretat, and lots of love, and photography

Woman performing yoga, meditation and deep belly breathing on the pier on the water

What are the benefits of deep belly breathing?

By Bjorn | April 25, 2019

Deep belly breathing, nearly everyone has heard about it these days, but what are the benefits of it? Why should you try belly breathing?

Sticks and branches sticking out of the water of a lake in a forest under a blue sky with a setting or rising sun, all reflected on the surface of the water

Best images of March 2019

By Bjorn | April 11, 2019

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)Instagram: Best images of March 2019 Clouds and rain, and an occasional glimpse of the sun, peeping in the dark sky from behind a few, or sometimes many, clouds. It’s not always the brightest and most sunny days with wide open azure blue skies that are the most […]

Office Reflections

Database partitioning? What is it, why should I use it?

By Bjorn | March 20, 2019

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)What is database partitioning? Partitioning is dividing your tables and indexes into smaller pieces, and even subdivide it into even smaller pieces. Think of it as having several million different magazines of different topics and different years (say 2000-2019) all in one big warehouse (one big table).  Partitioning would […]

Best pictures of February 2019

By Bjorn | March 8, 2019

Every month I take a look at the best selling or scoring images of the month before. Telling you something more about how these best pictures of the month.

Best images of January 2019

By Bjorn | February 6, 2019

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)January, a dark cold month, with little chances to take photographs outside, especially not landscapes. Ok, you may be lucky here or there, when there is a day of snow inbetween the rainy grey days. But especially in Belgium, most days in January are just cold, dark, wet […]

Top images of 2018

By Bjorn | January 18, 2019

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)It’s been a while. More specific, it’s been 4 months since I last wrote a “Top images of 2018 for the month” post. I know. Guilty. But in my defense, there’s a bunch of excuses. Fact of the matter is that I just didn’t do it. And you […]

Infographic - Web design trends of 2018

A Year in Review – 2018 Web Design Trends (Infographic)

By Bjorn | January 18, 2019

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)The post below is a guest post. I am not affiliated to the writer, nor am I responsible for the content. As the internet gained popularity and its user base increased, so did the need for websites. With time, websites have become widely accessible. Today, any self-respecting business […]

Office Reflections

Top photographs in August 2018

By Bjorn | September 12, 2018

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)Top photo in August on Instagram: Colorful sunset Thanks to the seasons, I can start working on a new set of sunset pictures to post now… The time of year is coming that I will see the most beautiful sunset while on my way home from the railway […]

Corny Sunrise

Top photographs in July 2018

By Bjorn | August 7, 2018

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)July was a very special month this year. The weather was simply amazing, constant sun, and very hot temperatures. Unfortunately this also had its consequences for nature (green grass? Where?), and for sleeping… ? But, on the other hand, a lot of photo opportunities for sunrises, as most […]