jailbroken iphone homescreen and icons

jailbroken iphone homescreen and This articons

Note: This article was originally published on August 18, 2011. Information you find here might not be totally up to date. Some of the apps might not exist anymore, others might even be better and more useful than ever before.


Jailbreaking an iPhone is no particularly special trick for those people motivated enough to unlock the device’s fullest capacities for convenience, and it’s only gotten easier now that it’s public knowledge that it can be done without legal repercussions. And thanks to the vast number of super-convenient apps available through underground market software such as Cydia, jailbreaking an iPhone is almost second nature for anyone who has one. Here are some of the apps that will make you wonder how you ever got along without jailbreaking your iPhone to begin with.

1. Intelliscreen

It’s almost staggering when you realize that an app this useful wasn’t simply included in the iPhone by default. Intelliscreen brings any updates you want right up to the “Slide to Unlock” screen – news, weather, email, sports, and so on. What else could you want from the otherwise useless locked screen?


2. MyWi 4.0

Here’s one that just screams “convenience.” MyWi 4.0 essentially turns your iPhone into its own wireless router, allowing it to share its 3G connection with PCs and other jailbroken iPhones. Moreover, its wireless tethering capacity costs half as much per month as AT&T’s equivalent for un-jailbroken devices.


3. MxTube

Do you want to watch YouTube videos, but can’t find a wireless hotspot nearby? MxTube allows you the option to either stream a video normally, or download it to watch offline later.

4. BiteSMS

Simple and sweet, BiteSMS allows for cheaper texting and a more user-friendly interface.

5. WebSearch

One of the apps worth jailbreaking an iPhone for alone, this one lets you perform a one-tap search on common search engines beyond Google – Wikipedia, IMDB, etc.


6. AptBackup

What would be the point of getting all these great apps without backing them up? AptBackup will back up any of your Cydia-installed apps with no trouble.

7. Circuitous

A great app for multitasking, Circuitous gives you a background sidebar that lets you swap between opened apps in a breeze.


8. Find In Page

Great for navigating pages of text, this app gives you a Find function similar to Ctrl+F on a regular computer.

9. SpringFlash

How many times have you had to use your iPhone as a flashlight? Now you can, without going to the trouble of unlocking your phone, closing your apps, or even turning on the screen.

10. Winterboard

One of the big grievances iPhone users have is over the lack of customizable graphics. Winterboard fixes that with a huge supply of themes for changing the graphics on your wallpaper, icons, bars, keyboards, alerts, and much more.


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