If you’re reading this post you most likely know a thing or two about content marketing. Content marketing is basically the process of not only creating great content but sharing that content to attract traffic, engage audiences, and maybe even get some natural backlinks to your domain. The process is twofold: writing or producing that great content, and then sharing it. If it’s good enough, the links back to your site will follow. But what content types can you use to best utilize this form of marketing? Let’s examine a few:

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Authority Posts

Writing great content is an acquired skill. The hardest part is coming up with a unique idea and then executing it. Thankfully, there are many people in our industry who have done the tough thinking for you; it’s just up to you to figure out how to apply that to your brand. Top 10 lists, tip posts, research oriented posts, guidelines, and how-to’s are a few examples of authority type posts that are great for content marketing. Placing them on your site and then promoting via social media, social bookmarking, through friends and family, and with other techniques is just one example of content marketing.


Using videos is yet another example of this form of marketing. Developing a blog post or page on your site with embedded videos alongside your content is a great idea. Posting a top 10 list of the best videos of all time in your industry or giving a compilation of how-to instructional videos all in one place can provide you with traffic and links back to your site. That is, if the content and accompanying video are worthy of a look see.


Have you ever had a client or prospective customer ask you a question? Of course you have. Yet one other way to use content marketing to help promote your site is to answer these questions on your website. Sometimes those questions are asked by searchers hundreds or even thousands of times per month. Doing a bit of keyword research can yield results that may just surprise you, all lost opportunities if you currently don’t have a piece of content on your site that could get ranked for that phrase.


People go crazy about infographics these days. Have a knack for Photo Shop? Try your hand at a handy infographic. There are so many different kinds of infographics: statistical based, timeline based, process based, or geo based. Using some creativity and a bit of skill you’re sure to produce an infographic that will spurn tweets, comments, and links.

The four types of content marketing listed above are just a few of the ways you can market your website. Have some tips or suggestions with regards to content marketing? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

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