It’s the hottest spot on the internet! Or is it? This article shows the downside of Google+

If you feel like you need to check out Google+ and create a profile, you’re not alone. Millions of people eagerly rushed to get in on the brand new social network. Unfortunately, not many of them ended up sticking around for long, and the reason is that they hated it. Google+ was supposed to be the next big thing, but it’s just not. If you insist on finding out for yourself, here are four major reasons you’ll hate Google+, too.

Search, Plus Your World
A new feature of Google+ is Search, Plus Your World, which aims to enhance your search results so that they’re more relevant to you personally. Google will take things that you do online, and use them to give you better results. They’ll also include search results from your friends’ Google+ pages. You can easily turn this off if you want to, but it’s still an annoying service, especially when Google gets it wrong. And Search, Plus Your World tries to tailor your results to your personal preferences, meaning you’ll often miss out on opposing viewpoints or alternate types of information. Search, Plus Your World, can effectively shrink your world and shut everyone else out, even though it’s attempting to do the exact opposite.

Google Plus

Google Plus

Layout and Design
Google+ has a very basic design that doesn’t include anything fancy. It tries to make things as straightforward as possible, but it just doesn’t look very good. One of the biggest problems is the spacing between everything. There is just way too much white space on the page so that it looks bare and somehow incomplete. There’s just nothing interesting about your profile, either. Something is just off about the entire layout. It definitely needs some major improvements, and some flair.

Circles are supposed to be one of the best things about Google+, but in reality they’re one of the worst. It may seem like a good idea to separate all your friends into neat little groups, but in practice it’s kind of annoying to have to categorize everyone. In real life, our “circles” often overlap. Having Circles also takes away some of the fun about social networking. On other sites – ahem, Facebook – you usually get to see everything from everyone because no one bothers to put their friends into “lists.” On Google+, you can get left out. For instance, your boss might not share with you the pictures from his personal life, or vice versa, and where’s the fun in that?

It’s a Ghost Town
And finally, the most important reason you’ll hate Google+ is that there’s no one there. It’s like a barren wasteland. Your friends tried it out in the beginning, but they couldn’t get the hang of it and also saw no one else around, so they left. If you try to switch to Google+, you’ll be alone. What’s the fun in a social network that’s lacking the “social” aspect? No one will read your posts, and you’ll have no posts to read. So essentially there’s no point, and if you try to use Google+ you’ll just end up hating it anyway.


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