Internet Marketing Myths

The web is full of misconceptions and Internet Marketing Myths about how to build traffic to your website, market your product, and produce sales. Here are some myths that you need to be aware of before you put together a marketing plan.

Anyone can make big money on the internet.

While it is possible to achieve success through marketing on the net, it’s not easy. Effective promotion requires a lot of hard work, a product or service that people can connect with, and an approach that attracts people that want what you’re looking to provide.

Internet Marketing Myths

Internet Marketing Myths

Like publicity in Hollywood, any hit on your web page is a good hit.

You don’t want your website getting hits from just anywhere. For instance, a link from a website for auto tools may drive traffic to your swimsuit website. But if those hits are from potential “customers” never buy, you’re not producing any profit. Remember that you want to partner and build links that draw people with similar interests. Hopefully, those people will come back often to see the product you‘re promoting.

You’ll get all your money in advertisement back in profits.

Advertising is highly unpredictable. You can have ads on all the right websites, but if only a few people click on your ad, you’re not getting sales. Readership of the most popular online sites fluctuate, and there’s no way to predict when that will happen. There are ways to assure good placement, but any promise of a certain percent in returns is shady, at best.

All you need is one good way to attract people to your website.

Here is one belief that gets many people into trouble. After finding one venue that seems to work well, it is easy to become complacent . Remember that the internet is always shifting and changing, as the focus of the audience evolves. For instance, if you find working with a company like Project Wonderful to be a boon to your site, that’s great. But remember that you need many ways to pull in your customers. Diversify your strategy. You pull in more fish with a bigger net.

Social media is not a tool for promotion.

Social media is where you can get some of your cheapest promotion. Before the internet, people found business through word of mouth and the local yellow pages. Today you can tailor ads, post links, and draw the attention of people that share your interests. Share links of other like minded people with a product to sell, and you may find that you receive more traffic. Building your brand means getting the word out, and this is one of the easier ways to do that.

Remember that an efficient marketing strategy is all about identifying a product or service that people want and finding a way to deliver it. Use as many different platforms as you can to market, be patient, and most of all, be persistent. Avoid these common marketing myths, and you’ll be on the path to getting what you want.


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