You may get confused with the term social media buyers because it is a relatively new term in online business. Currently, e-commerce business organizations are majorly engrossed in increasing the flow of social media users towards their e-commerce websites. In a recent study, conducted to notice the flow of customers in online commerce industry, it has been found that 75% of happy social media users are online buyers as well as a big majority of online buyers come from social media websites to suffice their ongoing needs. These researches have tended business organizations to understand the potential of social media portals for boosting the overall sales of their online commerce portals. If you also like to get maximum organic traffic from social media websites then you need to follow below mentioned tips in precise manner after getting over from your PSD to Magento conversion process.

Magento is an extremely e-commerce favored open source content management system. It is suitable for making all kinds of e-commerce stores. The most encouraging part with Magento is its flexible web architecture and open source nature, which allows even small business organizations to create e-commerce stores.

Social Profile Creation 

Initially, you are required to sign up at leading social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook. It is the very first step in your social media marketing process. You should create impressive contents and graphical elements to decorate your social media profiles in a specific manner. For example, you will have the requirement of an impressive banner image for your Facebook profile. Further, you will also require specially designed contents. It will be good to take help of a copywriter to develop attention-seeking contents for your social media profiles. In case of Twitter, you will need three different sized banners for making your twitter handle impressive.

Social Media Integration 

Post development of social media handles at top-notched social networking sites, you can ask your coder to integrate your site with your official social media profiles. The integration will connect your e-commerce portal with your social media profiles. Further, you will have the need to make a right use of your official profiles. The formation of a policy will be helpful for you to get the best results from your SMM efforts. While interacting with your aimed customers, you should follow a specific code of conduct in your contents. Your contents must be interesting and engaging towards social networking site users. As per the recent search, conducted over Twitter, 44% of total twitter researches are product related researches. In this way, this research speaks about the phenomenal importance of social media marketing for e-commerce business organization.

Sustain an Official Blog 

You must have an official blog in your Magento store to give voice to your e-commerce business organization. In current e-commerce era, young online customers try to research for a product before making their final purchase at shopping stores. Therefore, you should run an official blog in support of products, offered in your e-commerce store. You should speak about the product manufacturing and recycling process. It will help your customers in understanding the usability and recycling process. The presentation of your web content should be formal yet interesting. Such content grabs the attention of readers and tend them to clinch their deals via your shopping store.

Explore the Potential of YouTube 

It will be good to realize the potential of video publishing site YouTube. While viewing videos on YouTube, you can see a verity of ads before initiation of video. Such ads cause an intense desire in viewers to visit the advertised site. However, it also depends on the quality of your advertisement.

Run Contests & Campaigns 

You should try to organize interesting contests and campaigns via your social media profiles to keep in touch with your potential customers. You should put a prize for the winners in such contests and can ask from participants to like your Facebook page & follow twitter handle. It will help you in increasing high number of followers in a short period. You

By following these 5 special tips, you can easily bring high volume social media users in your online shopping site. You just need to follow these principles precisely to get the maximum results from your social media marketing efforts. Additionally, you should be responsive towards the responsive of your potential online buyers. It will help you in earning the trust and dependence of your online customers.

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