1. If you really want it, you can blog from anywhere, even from a stable in the middle of nowhere. All you need is a keyboard and an Internet connection. And if the quality of what you deliver is high enough, nobody will care where it came from.

2. Christmas is about love. So is blogging. Blog with love for your subject and your readers. Love your peers and fellowbloggers, and reach out to them by linking. Use your blogroll to link to others who you love reading yourself, who you admire, who you want your readers to know about. If there is a specific article on someone else’s blog that you want your readers to know about, why not write your own blogpost about that article? Tell your readers why you like it, what you learned from it, and link to the article.

3. Christmas is celebrated all over the world. Try to target your blog towards the whole world (unless your blog really is local of course). Neglecting the China or India leaves a real big upcoming market behind for your blog. Think of Christmas, and let them share in the joy of your blog too!

4. The visual aspect of Christmas does count. It helps alot for people to get in the Christmasmood. The trees, the lights everywhere, the gifts, the nice colorfull paper. It all adds to the Christmasfeeling, even though what really counts is the real Christmas spirit. The same goes for your blog. Even though content is king, and the content is the thing that really matters, the looks, the layout and the colors of your blog help to get your visitors in the right mood, and to convert them to loyal readers.

5. Don’t forget about the true spirit of Christmas. Christmas is about loving, light, giving. Not about shopping, getting presents, having the biggest tree or the most lights outside your house. Don’t forget about the true spirit of blogging. Blog for your readers, yourself, not for number, ratings and search engines. Try to give with your blog, not to receive. What you give onto others, you will receive threefold. Enjoy the holidays!

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