The iPhone 4S wasn’t quite as popular as predicted. Here are some reasons why.

If you were eagerly awaiting Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement, which never took place this fall, you might be wondering if upgrading to the iPhone 4S is worth it. Some people love Siri, the voice-recognition program that will answer questions and generally help you with your life, like finding the number for a locksmith and so on. But others have been slightly disappointed with the new iPhone 4S. What are some things people don’t like about the latest iPhone version? Read below so you won’t be surprised if or when you decide to upgrade.

Still No Flash

5 Things People Don't Like about the iPhone 4S

5 Things People Don’t Like about the iPhone 4S

When is Apple going to realize that a ton of website contain Flash components? They have been stubbornly refusing to allow Flash on any of the iPhones and the 4S is no exception. While this isn’t a big deal considering none of the previous iPhone versions have contained Flash, but it just continues to be a nuisance for iPhone users who have long dreamed about a phone with Flash capabilities.

No 4G Feature

It was rumored that the new iPhone 4S would have a 4G feature that would enable your device to have quick download times and even faster connectivity speeds, but this was merely a rumor. While the iPhone 4S is indeed faster than the previous iPhone versions, some users were disappointed to learn that there was no 4G feature.

Slow Camera Shutter Speed

This is a slight problem for some iPhone 4 users. Although the camera is greatly improved, the shutter speed is noticeably slower than its predecessor. So if you want to take a lot of photos of moving images, you might notice a lag.

The Design is the Same

Before the 4S was announced, several leaked images of the possible iPhone 5 surfaced on the Internet. And they were pretty beautiful. The design was tweaked to be sleeker and sexier than ever. But when the 4S was released, customers were mildly shocked to learn that the newest iPhone was basically the exact same as its predecessor, the iPhone 4. While this isn’t necessarily a setback by any means, it does make buyers think twice about spending the extra money.

The 4S is Really Expensive

One of the biggest complaints of the iPhone 4S is that it’s not THAT different from the 4, so what’s the point in upgrading to a 4S when you could spend 100 less dollars? Sure, Siri is cool, and the camera is a little nicer, but how much cooler would an extra 100 dollars be in your pocket? Decide if it’s worth it to you before you splurge.

While the iPhone 4S is an impressive phone, you should know exactly what you’re getting into before you upgrade from the iPhone 4.

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