Scams are common across internet and one of the biggest problem for any businessman. Scammers do not just steal money, they also steal the trust. Once they fool someone, the person becomes over-conscious about security and it becomes hard to sell anything to him. The first sign that can make visitor trust you is your sales page design and content. Here are 5 tips to make sure your sales page impresses the visitor and does not turn him off!

  1. Fluff: Most people fill their page with lot of fluff! They fill in everything they can and do not make clear what product will do. Do not do this. Get straight to the point from first word and stay laser focused.
  2. Long Pages: Long pages are good for nothing. First, no one has time to read such a long page even if product is exceptional. Second, getting straight to point is what you have to do. Look at Yaro Starak’s landing page, it is simple and short. And its very effective too. I am sure you will not have been much impressed by a long page for same product.
  3. Useless Testimonials: Testimonials do make people confident about product but adding too much of them is waste of space. Second mistake with testimonials is that they do not appear to be from real person. Best practice is to include 3-4 testimonials only with proper contact information of person.
  4. High Claims: I will never trust anyone claiming to make me millionaire if I buy a product worth $20 or even $10! It’s just common sense. Why would someone sell his million dollar formula so cheap? Make sure you claim something believable!
  5. No Proofs: OK, so someone is trying to sell me a shiny product about making money but has no solid proof that he has made money himself! I will never buy it! Remember, almost 80% of such products are of people who have no actual experience with money making! They want to make money by selling that product, nothing else! Remember, if you do not have proofs on your page, you might be turning off visitors. So, include proofs!

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Have any tip/suggestion to make sure the page does not look like a scam? Share in comments!

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