If you truely want to experiment in the SEO field, then you’re definitely going to need some blackhat SEO software to decide what really works and what doesn’t. Of course, there are service providers out there who do their work by hand, but not everyone can provide such dedication as they have campaigns and other responsibilities to handle. So here is three of the best SEO software for those looking to play with the dark side.


Before dropping lots of money on an expensive monthly subscription or any other costly software, get Scrapebox. For a one-time payment under $100, you get one of the most versatile and useful SEO softwares on the market. It’s constantly updated to keep up with various internet marketing trends and changes, so you get your money’s worth.

What does Scrapebox do? Mainly, it lets you scrape the internet for relevant blogs that you can use Scrapebox to also comment on for backlinks. The sheer amount of speed the program delivers backlinks at makes the price such a bargain. Depending upon your computer and internet connection, you can blast thousands of backlinks in a day’s time.

In addition, Scrapebox lets you compare your competition in the search engine results pages (SERPs), gather free proxies for posting blog comments and scraping, and even ping your backinks so that they get indexed faster. Overall, Scrapebox is one of the best all-in-one SEO softwares.

Scrapebox also has a Google Suggest scraping tool, which is fantastic for keyword research.  The tool can also be used for whitehat purposes, see this video below on finding guest post opportunities with the tool.

Blackhat SEO on Youtube

SENuke X

You most likely have heard about SENuke X, as its predecessor was one of the most popular applications for building backlinks to your sites and for rankings them high in the search engines. Areeb, the creator, and his team have invested over a year of work and over $100,000 in this update to make sure that you get nothing but one of the best SEO softwares available.

While its various modules, such as web 2.0 submitter, article submitter, and social bookmark submitter, on their own, are not the best available, the overall packages makes it worth the money to many people in the industry.


This is considered one of the most expensive yet powerful SEO softwares on the market. It has the capability of automatically creating forum accounts and posting backlinks to your sites on these forums, but it is mainly used for building backlinks through forum profiles. These are pages that usually have a little bit of information about a forum member in addition to a link to their website.

While such profile links are not worth so much in the eyes of Google and other search engines, XRumer is capable of posting at speeds that even surpass those of Scrapebox. What these links lack in quality XRumer can make up for in sheer volume and speed. That’s why the barriers for entry of XRumer use are so high. First of all, the high initial cost turns away amateurs. Second, you need a solid internet connection as well as a virtual private server (VPS) on a monthly subscription. Third, you need to get past the tough learning curve of the program.

If you have what it takes and the budget as well, then give XRumer a shot as its the king when it comes to boosting your web 2.0 properties and other backlinks.

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