Being an internet marketer, why on earth, would you want to advertise on Facebook, when there is Consuption Junction, DoubleClick, or even better, targeted ads, such as from Google’s Adsense? You hear me? Targeted Ads! They fit the content, and thus the visitor, and thus, how can it be any better then that?


True… Google’s Adsense ads are targeted. You know more or less, that the visitor of the site, who sees your ads, is interested in the topic you are advertising for. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be on that webpage, and your ads wouldn’t be shown there, as they match the content of the site. What more can one want?

Well… Much more… And you can get it too!

Wouldn’t you want to make sure that your ads are not only targeted geographically, and according to interest, but also demographically?

Wouldn’t it be great, that you could target your ad for your Lord Of The Rings Online Gadget Store straight to everyone who’s a fan of Tolkien, the movie Lord Of The Rings, or who’s favourite books are Silmarillion, The Hobbit or Lord Of the Rings?

Or imagine, a weddingphotographer, who can target his ads to all females who are engaged, or in a long term relationship, and living in your own area?

Well, Facebook has all this information, and lets you use it too for targeting your ads. You can target on gender, location, age(-range), education, workplaces, relationship, sexual interest, languages, and keywords.

So, maybe next time you are setting up an ad campaign, maybe you want to look into Facebook too!

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