Android OS – Deciding If It Is the Right OS for You

Find out whether the Android OS is a good fit for you

There are many Smart Phone users who have their own theory developed around the use of an Operating System inside their mobile devices. Nowadays you are given the option to choose from many of these OS-s, while taking note as well of Google’s Android operating system.



No one but you can decide whether or not this is the one to satisfy your needs, considering that these needs will vary with every Smart Phone user. This article doesn’t intend to praise more on the virtues that come with Android OS presentation of features, but will allow you mostly make a pick, taking into account the fact that there are other successful operating systems used within these mobile devices.

The other ones that you might be also familiar with are: Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft, Nokia, and Palm, all of them coming with their own characteristics that might please or not your needs. Some of these characteristics are better defined with some OS while with others come very poorly represented. For instance, Apple offers the best media facility, Blackberry has an excellent e-mail service and is also simplistic in presentation, Nokia, on the other hand, is known as the leader in the world of Smart Phones. As to the Android, this one comes with Google’s apps which are also very appealing to the end users market.

As you can see, the competition is quite tough making your decision even harder to make. But on the other hand it is even better that there are so many options; in this way you can be convinced that the perfect device is somewhere waiting for you. But let’s get back to our topic: is in fact Android OS the right OS for your needs?

android sexy

android sexy

Well, one other question’s answer can be the answer to this question: Do you rely daily on Google’s existence and its products? If the answer is ‘yes’ at this question, then the answer to the previous question is also ‘yes’. If your daily life depend a lot on web surfing, talking, exchanging e-mails, looking for updated information in a certain field of activity (such as a brokerage is, for instance), then you definitely can make a great use of Android OS on your mobile phone.

Due to its versatility, Android OS can satisfy a lot of your needs, interests, and never let you down when running your everyday business, if this one depends on being always on the road with the need to stay in touch with people from all over the place, including your office. The open nature of Android will always be a landing field for many of other developers who are looking to introduce their ideas to this platform. Now, you might have your own OS chosen for your Smart Phone, but if you have read this article it means that you might be ready to switch it for Android OS to fully benefit from its features.


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