At the time of writing, we’re already mid july, and a part of summer has already gone by. The days are already shortening again, and my morning drive to the railway station already doesn’t include a lot of sunrise anymore. But fear not, that only brings out other subjects to photograph. On the road to Brussels, or on the road to elsewhere. With, or without having to leave the house. You can expect some different work from me (us) in the near future, but in the meantime, enjoy the most appreciated of our photographs of June 2019!

Top Instagram image of June 2019

In some ways, I can totally relate to the cows in this picture. Because when driving to the railway station in the early morning, I’m always waiting for the sun to rise around this time of year, as it provides me with a lot of opportunity to shoot pretty pictures.

At this particular day, I didn’t really wait to shoot pictures until the sun was up. I saw the cows, and the beautiful pre-sunrise sky, and decided to stop this moment, and and put in a photo.

The cows didn’t mind.

Technically, as most of the time, this picture was shot with my iPhone 8 Plus, using Procamera.

In postprocessing, the saturation and contrast were both increased a bit, but not too much, so that the cows did not turn yellow.

I know my Instagram following appreciates my landscape photo’s, and sunsets/sunrises. But I had never expected that adding some cows into the mix would create a winner.

Top 500px Image of June 2019

I don’t always shoot macro’s, but when I do, I enjoy doing so! My love for photography comes from the need for me to show everybody the beauty that I see in the world around me. And that beauty, and that world, is EVERYWHERE around me! Even in the smallest spaces… And for that I love my macro lenses. We used to own the Canon MP-E65, Canon’s macro masterpiece, offering a magnification of up to 5x! We had loads of fun, and great pics with it. Unfortunately, difficult circumstances lead to difficult decisions, and we had to sell it a few years ago. So until we buy a new one, I’m having magnified fun with my iPhone X and the Moment Macro lens!

One of the results of me having fun with some flowers and a macro lens is this picture. Yes indeed, this was shot on an iPhone X, thanks to the Moment Macro, which yields pretty amazing results with a bit of practice.

Since my social media feeds mostly consist of landscapes, I would never have expected this picture to score this well, let alone win the monthly game!

The picture was taken in Brussels, during a noon break, in one of the flowerbeds in the streets. Some of the other shots from that day might follow.

As for postprocessing, I upped the contrast a bit, and added a tiny bit of saturation, as the color of the flower is already pretty deep. I also used the “Texture” slider, to remove some of the sharpness, and give the photo a more dreamy feel, while still keeping the main in focus flowers sharp.

Macro photo of a pink flower

Macro photo of a pink flower by Bjorn Beheydt on

Top Eyeem Image of June 2019

Landscapes, I can really enjoy them. And they don’t always have to be impressive to leave an impression on me. I can simply enjoy driving between the farmfields in the morning, sensing the quiet and calm of nature around me. But if you add a sunrise or a sunset to it, it impresses me even more, seeing the wondrous colors in the sky, often accompanied by dramatic mountains of clouds in different forms and intensities. There is so much beauty in the world around us, so much to enjoy. Yes, on the other side of the globe, but yes, also around the corner of our own street.

That’s what I love about photography, capturing this beauty. In our street, but also on the other side of the globe. Beauty in the smallest things, and beauty in the grandest things, such as this.

This beauty was captured, again, using my iPhone X, and using Procamera. I did bring the Fujifilm at that time, but due to me taking too many other pictures already, I was about to miss my train. While even in doubt if I would take any picture at all at this location, I decided to take the middle road, and only use the iPhone instead of taking out the Fujifilm again.

Postprocessing was done in Lightroom CC Mobile, on the iPhone, on the train. I lightened the shadows a bit, and added some extra saturation, and this was the result.

Morning Sun and dramatic sky over agraric field

Top Stock Image of June 2019

Each day I go to the office in Brussels, I pass by the Antwerp Central railway station ( ). And sometimes, depending on the timing of the trains, I have only a few minutes, or plenty of time to kill there. So, what better way is there to kill time in one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world? Indeed, shoot some pictures there!

One of the most beautiful railway stations in the world? In Antwerp? Yes indeed. In 2014, published a list of the 12 most beautiful railway station in the world ( ), and the list is topped by the Antwerp Central railway station. And well deserved, I might add. Entering the railway station is simply impressive, no matter from which side you enter, from the platforms, below or above, from the main entrance, from the back entrance, this railway station simply knocks you off your feet, every single time.

Even after so many years of passing by there, twice a day, it’s beauty never ceases to amaze me. And so I take pictures there. Quite often even. Sometimes I use only my iPhone for that. Sometimes I use the GoPro, or the Fujifilm X-series. Heck, we’ve even used our Canon gear in the train station! But that was not when simply passing by there, that was for fashionmodel photoshoots, or wedding photoshoots.

This particular picture was taking using my Fujifilm X-m1, and edited in Lightroom CC. As it is sold as an editorial picture, not too much editing was done, only lightening up some shadows, and adding a bit of saturation. But since on the Fujifilm X-gear, I mostly shoot in the Velvia preset (I LOVED Fuji Velvia film!!!), so the saturation is already pretty good straight from camera.

Antwerp Central Station

Antwerp Central Railway Station

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