There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps, and it can be hard to navigate them all. There are apps tailored for almost every profession, hobby and interest you can imagine. They are informative or entertaining or both. We use our iPhones to help us communicate, complete daily tasks, and look up random information at a whim. Whatever our career is, the iPhone can help us manage it. As a writer, an iPhone is a great tool to have for regular maintenance of our work. It will help a writer brainstorm, research, write, edit, and communicate with editors, or even fans. If you’re a writer with an iPhone, there are lots of different apps that can be helpful to you. Here are some of the best apps for writers that are available on the iPhone.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

No writer has a complete tool box without dictionary. The complete reference text is available at your fingertips with this free app. You can look up at any word and view its complete dictionary entry. There is even audio for pronunciation. You can keep a list of your favorite words and view your recent history of words you’ve looked up. There is also a word of the day to keep your vocabulary fresh.


iPhone apps for writing

iPhone apps for writing

Dragon Dictation

Sometimes our ideas come faster than we can type them. Dragon Dictation allows you to speak into your phone, and it will record what you say in type form for you. You can go back and read your notes at any time. You can also dictate emails, text messages or status updates on your social networking sites. This app is free, and great for writers with lots of ideas on the go.

available in the appstore


Story Tracker

This app is essential for the freelance writer. It costs $7.99, but it does a great deal to help organize all your work that is published or submitted. You can view details and guidelines for all your submission markets. You can add details and information to all your works, from things such as word count to where it was submitted and when. Story Tracker will keep a tab of all the income generated for each work, and it will help you manage your deadlines. It is an incredibly helpful app for the actively working writer. If you prefer, there is also a free version. Story Tracker Lite will help you manage up to five works.



This app is the ultimate brainstorming and idea-mapping tool. At a cost of $9.99, it is pricey but worth it if you do a lot of brainstorming and outlining before you write. It is great for the visual organizer and easy to use. You can start with any idea, and add unlimited branches to it. Make notes wherever you need to, and create color schemes. This app will help any writer plan a project, from the simple to the complicated. And, not unimportant these days, it offers an Apple Watch app too!


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