In today’s media-driven society, the more multi-sensory a message can be, the more impact it will have on an audience. As a result, many companies have opted to include corporate video in their marketing efforts. From short, concise videos used for promotion on online social media sites, to longer informative videos included in press packages sent to the media, these corporate videos serve to entertain and inform. In short, they are one of the most important components in a company’s media arsenal.

There are a variety of reasons why a company of any size should consider making a corporate video. First of all, an effective video can tell the company’s story, explain its corporate philosophy, and introduce its board of directors, members of management, and office staff.  Secondly, a well-made video offers a visually stimulating look at a company. This is something that a flat paper flyer or brochure simply cannot do. Finally, a corporate video can present a company in exactly the way it wishes to be portrayed. Because the company has complete creative control over the video, whatever message they intend to convey can be created.

Another one of the great advantages of a corporate video is that it is a method of communication that everyone can understand. It is also a tool that can serve the purposes of a variety of audiences. For example, the same video that explains a company’s outlook and philosophy can be used for existing clients, prospective customers, and even new employees.  Although a professionally produced video requires an initial investment of money, the continued return on this investment is immediately evident.

Ultimately, a corporate video is something that will be noticed. Consumers receive a steady stream of brochures, junk mail, and data sheets; most of this information is glanced at and then thrown away. On the other hand, a video is a commodity that can be placed directly into a customer’s hand, and they are liable to feel as if they have been given something important. They are also much less likely to discard a video carelessly.

With so many media messages broadcast every day, something with clout and staying power such as a corporate video will surely make customers stand up and take notice of the company who invests in such an item, and as such they are an important way a company can portray its brand to potential customers.

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