Some nice things to know about Adsense


  1. You get your AdSense account approved faster if you request it via ?

  2. Once you get your AdSense publisher code, you can put it any of your websites without requiring further approval again?

  3. When you do not comply to the Google AdSense Program Policies and Terms and Conditions, they will kick you off their programm without a blink?

  4. You better learn those Google AdSense Program Policies and Terms and Conditions from the top of your head?

  5. You should NEVER, EVER click on your own ads, or ask people to click, even if you are using proxies or who knows what other tricks?

  6. You should’ve already known the previous point, since the point before that was to study the policies and terms from the top of your head? 😉

  7. You should never use click-bots, for the same reason again?

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  8. You should never ask or encourage your visitors to click on ads? The only text that Google accepts is “Sponsored Links” and “Advertisements”.

  9. It’s best not to put too much other ads on your adsense pages? Especially no competitor contextual ads such as Yahoo Publisher Network or Clicksor. Non-contextual ads are ok though.

  10. It’s not allowed to put your ads on pages with objectionable material, e.g. adult sites, gambling sites, mp3, etc.

  11. This is objectionable material is viewed ‘per page’ rather then ‘per site’ (which it is also viewed though!). Meaning, you can put adsense on a health website, just not on the pages that contain 18+ material, like an article about sexual health and orgasms. However, if 90% of your website is about that, better not to put Adsense up.

  12. Google will catch you sooner or later, if you mess with their rules, and try to cheat.

  13. You viewing your own website online will not get you banned, as long as you don’t click on your own ads.

  14. You are still allowed to click on ads on other pages though!

  15. Repeatedly reloading your page to up your page impressions will get you banned in the end. And, it is useless anyway, since those are no real visitors, no clicks, so no earnings.

  16. Whener you have doubt about something, you can contact the Google Adsense Support Team? They are very friendly, and very helpfull.

  17. That is also the best thing to do when you inadvertently clicked one of your own ads. Write them an email, explaining that you did not click it on purpous, but by mistake. The chances are less that they will block your account for that. But, better yet is, never to click your own ads.

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