Quite often I get the question if it is really true that you can earn money via the Adsense program, and if so, if you can get rich with it, or at least do “fairly well financially”, as some publishers claim.


As Google prohibits publishing your adsense earnings, there is no real way to check if they are telling the truth or not.Besides that, the term “fairly well financially” is rather relative. “fairly well financially” for a 5 member family in Switserland is alot more money then “fairly well financially” for a teenage boy still living with mom and dad in Paragay, to just make an example.However, I can tell you that you can indeed make money from your blog using adsense. And it may be alot, or it may be a little, but if you earn say, 200$ a month for just writing your blog, you earned a nice little extra doing just what you like. So, why not give it a try?Do keep in mind that adsense is NO “get rich overnight” program. It requires effort and time. Don’t be discouraged if your earnings are still only 20$ a month after 3 months. It takes time to build up readership, and it takes time for Google to index your pages, and start “liking” them.And if you want more tips on increasing your Adsense Earnings, read the articles here on the blog.Good Luck!
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