As said often before here, when you want to earn with Adsense, content is king…
To get good grades from Google you need:
– unique content
– regularly updated content
– informative content
– content that is being linked to from other sites

Anyone who maintains a blog will be able to tell you this: writing articles takes time, loads of time.
Even if you are a fast typer, wouldn’t it be much easier if you could just dictate your articles?
I mean… If you practice in talking fast, you could increase your productivity even more then by practicing in fast typing 😉
Brett Bumeter wrote a few articles about the possible increase in earnings when you would start using speech recognition software.
The numbers are dazzling! But off course, do need to be taken with a grain of salt: the process of writing an article does not only involve the typing, but also getting yourself informed, looking up and reading through sources, thinking about the layout of your article, thinking about how to frase things.
Still, I think the idea of using speech recognition software is indeed very interesting, and can be a great deal of help to some if used well.

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