Viral content is the aim of practically every website or blog owner, but few people are thoroughly familiar with all the guidelines necessary to create and share content in a manner that will boost its popularity. The viral content refers to videos, articles, images and so on that have been shared and re-shared over and over on the World Wide Web, beyond the target audience, community, social network contacts. In other words, the viral content can be regarded as a piece of content that is enjoying tremendous viewership. Consequentially, it does not come as a surprise that the viral content is the final goal for virtually all individuals who intend to create a strong online presence. But how can someone determine whether the content will become this successful? Let’s find out!

Using the appropriate visuals

viral content

viral content

Raising the content to global online prominence will depend on how appealing the format is to the viewer’s eye. The first aspect that needs to be pointed out is that the page cannot be too overcrowded with ads. Moreover, keep in mind that content becomes viral when it is shared over social networks, therefore, adding images that can be properly scaled to the page is mandatory. To put it simply, you will need to convey the fact that your content is interesting using all the tools in your arsenal. Even though the content may simply be an informative article, the scalable picture will grant it substantially more power. At the same time, never overlook the power of charts or graphs.

The title and the link to the post

Statistics seem to indicate that shorter links have a higher chance to become viral, basically because they seem more attractive, organized and easier to remember. Therefore, URL customizing tools are mandatory. In a nutshell, the less parameters the post has, the better. In regards to the title of the page, it should always convey the points of the content in a concise, yet comprehensible manner. Following this tip will help you persuade the people hovering over the links that the content is worth checking out a lot easier. In short, the two main points are: friendly title, friendly link.

Feedback from community influencers

It is worth noting that rather than just publishing the content and anxiously waiting for the results, a far better idea would be to get a second opinion. However, the feedback simply cannot come from just anyone. Therefore, you will need to learn more about the influential people in the communities that include your target audience and ask them to review your material, speak their mind about potential improvements and so on. If the content is bad, then the review will be negative, but if the content turns out to be good, then the double benefit is that an influential person will actually share it with an extended community.

Choosing the ideal timing

There are two schools of thought regarding the best time to publish content. The first enforces the idea that when the content is part of a trendy theme, it is best to take advantage of it and cover the aspects that were omitted. On the other hand, the other school of thought states that the second bump in popularity, when more people find out about the subject will help you reap more benefits.

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