When people think of the word Google, they tend to think of the search engine, Gmail, Google Docs or Google+. But Google has a lot of other tools that people tend to overlook, and these tools can be extremely beneficial. From website creation to tracking online purchases, there is a vast array of Google tools out there just ready to be played with.

1. Google Offers

Google Offers is very similar to Groupon. Different local offers are available on the site each day, and users can purchase these great offers at a discounted rate. Google Offers uses the user’s location to determine which local offers they will most benefit from. Users can also subscribe to Google Offers, and the daily deals will be emailed to them directly. They can also take a quick questionnaire to determine which offers they’re most interested in, and Google Offers will only send offers that match their preferences.

2. Google Wallet
Google Wallet is a tool that will store a user’s payment information and order history. When a user makes a purchase, Google Wallet will have their information on file, so there is no need to pull out a debit or credit card and enter their information. It will also have the user’s order history available, so if they frequently purchase the same item from the same place, there is no need to go through the whole ordering process again. Plus, all info is kept safe and secure, so users don’t have to worry about  their personal info falling into the wrong hands.
3. Google Reader

Google Reader is like a personal magazine. It allows users to access the content from their favorite websites in one central location. Instead of visiting a slew of websites every day, Google Reader will post all new content so the user only has to visit one place. It will also keep track of what the user has already read and will only post items that the user hasn’t yet viewed.
4. Google SketchUp

This tool allows users to create 3D models of anything they wish. If a user is re-decorating their bedroom, for example, they can create a 3D image of their room and use that to find the best layout or design. The software is easy to use, and users can share their creations with other users across the globe by utilizing the Google 3D Warehouse.
5. Google Sites

From simple, one-page sites to in-depth intranets, Google Sites allows users to easily create a website. Users can choose from pre-made templates or customize a site to their own desired look and feel. Plus, it’s free.
There is a Premier Edition to Google Sites that users can pay for. This gives them more GB and more email addresses, among other perks.

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