Should or shouldn’t you follow the path of nofollows? Is a comment or socialmediapost wort the effort of the typing, if the link has the nofollow attribute anyway?
That is a good question actually, and the short and simple answer is ‘yes’.
Putting your link somewhere makes it visible twice. Once to human visitors, and once to search engines.

Now, the human visitors don’t see the nofollow tag, but they also don’t attribute to your rankings. Or do they? Yes, indirectly they do. Human visitors add links towards your sites, they bring in traffic, they bookmark on social networking sites, and all this are things that will also help you score in search engines.
Besides, those search engine spiders, they do see the nofollow tag, but does that mean they actually do not follow the links? No, not really, it mostly means that they will still follow the link, but it will be given a lower weight when calculating the ranking.

So basically, you better spend your time writing comments than spending it checking if a link has the nofollow tag or not.

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