A few years ago (on October 21, 2009 to be exact), Google and Twitter reached an agreement. An agreement which had quite some consequences for all twitter-users.

Google and Twitter agreed on showing not only the Twitter profile pages in Google search results, but also the individual tweets. What does this mean to us, mere bloggers? This means our chances to create backlinks increase dramatically.

So the next question is of course: how? Very important to remember: just like Google wants to see relevancy and authority in documents, blogs and webpages, it wants to see the same in tweets. Relevancy is shown by using keywords. In your profilepage, in your username, and in the hashtags. Yes indeed, hashags have kind of the same meaning as the keyword metadata tag in webpages, so use it wisely! Regarding the authority, that is shown in tweets through the amount of followers you have, the number of times the specific tweet has been retweeted, and inbound links to your profilepage (from anywhere on the web, not just twitter).

So, some tips to make the best of this:

– Choose a username and account name that are relevant to the content you want to share

– Make sure your bio and profile page are keyword-rich.

– Make sure your tweets are keyword-rich and have a prioritized sequence of keywords.

– Put backlinks to your content in your tweets using URL shortening services such as TinyURL, bit.ly and others.

But most of all, remember that the golden rule of search, that is, creating content that is valuable to your readers, applies maybe even more to Twitter. If you wish to follow me on twitter, go to http://twitter.com/icantinternet

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