If you are an AdSense publisher, and you would like to attract advertisers to target your website or blog specifically with their ads then this is the tool you need: Google AdPlanner’s Publisher Center.

Google’s Ad Planner is the tool that is used by advertisers to find sites related to what they advertise. Google’s brand new publisher center provides you, as an Adsense publisher the chance to have some say over what the advertisers see when they’re looking for sites to advertise on.

When you log in to the Ad Planner, you will need to claim your sites. You can do this via two ways: through Webmaster Tools or through the DoubleClick Directory interface. Once your sites are claimed (or if you already were using the Webmpaster Tools, you just need to select them), you can customize the description for your site, highlight the types of ads that you show (both the sizes and the media), choose the categories to which you believe your site belongs, and even share your Google Analytics data. This last option can be very interesting, especially if you have a higher traffic website or blog.

Interested in getting to know more about Google’s Ad Planner for Publishers? Check out the video below, and subscribe here to give it a try: Google AdPlanner’s Publisher Center

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