Google Adsense Payout Rate question:I have few websites and make money online with google adsense. I have seen adsense pay different “pay rates” per click for the same advertisement. Sometimes it pays $ 0.80 per click. Sometimes it pays $ 0.05 for the same ad. Can you tell me why this is?

Answer:It depends on lots of things. One advertiser can put several ads online, that look the same, but have different bids behind them. He can then schedule the lower paying ones in the hours of day when he has the least interesting visitors, and schedule the higher paying ads when his target audience is most probably online. Also, he can target his ads at different websites, using different payouts per target.Another thing is, adsense uses a factor per adsense-publisher (meaning: you) with which it deducts your income. Meaning: if you have a lower traffic website, but have the same ads on it as a high-traffic website, the higher traffic website can earn more per click. But, not only the traffic is taken into account, also the number of leads following from those clicks that transfer into sales, and a number of other factors.

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