A whole lot of internet-marketing-gurus who are into AdSense will tell you that content is king, and that by having rich content on your Adsense sites you will gain more profit. This is of course very true. No content, no visitors, no adsense, no money, no food, no screaming babes waiting to go home with you. However, there are many secrets to increase your Adsense earnings.

But no… That’s not what I’m telling you. There are NO secrets to up you Adsense income! Nope, not one. All there is to know, has been shared already. And the real secrets, they’re only known to Google.
The only thing you should know about Adsense, is to experiment. Nothing else! There is no magic package to get rich. No secret setup, colorscheme, or ad-placement, that will guarantuee you to become rich on Adsense overnight.

What are the major ingredients for earning via adsense? Traffic, good ole, high quality traffic. Not bought traffic. Not a gazillion visitors that are hitting your homepage and leaving within 2 seconds. They only get your bouncerate to hit the ceiling. No, what you need it really targeted traffic. Get it via search engines through good SEO, get it via commenting on blogs and forums on your topic, or get it via any other way you can find in this tutorial, but get high quality traffic, even if you have to drag them down to your site! Guess what, do you want an Adsense secret? Well, here you have one: the CTR (Click Through Rate) of targeted traffic? Well, it’s higher! Who would’ve thought… But, the CTR of traffic coming from search engines seems to be even higher than of other traffic. And, to continue in our series of Search Engine Traffic and CTR, traffic coming from Bing (1,50%), seems to have a higher CTR than traffic coming from Google (0,97%) (which  has an even lower CTR than Yahoo! traffic (1.24%) (*Source: Chitika.com)).
Now that may not be a secret, but it sure is good info 😉

Now, back to the original topic: Adsense secrets, and the one thing you should know: Experiment. Yes, I repeat: experiment!
Is your adsense income low? Try something new! What do you have to lose? If your earnings decrease even more, you change whatever you changed back to normal, and you should go back to your low earnings.
Now, what could you change? Try different colorschemes, blending in your ads more, or on the contrary, make them stand out more, experiment. Try different sizes of ads, try different placements.
But, do give your experiments time. Don’t go changing it back after 6 hours, or even 2 days. Give your experiments at least a week to be able to see and compare the results. Every hour of day, and every day of the week has its own clicking behaviour, so give it a full week to see if it makes a difference. The only reason to change back sooner is if you see your earnings take a dive towards the point of zero.

Now, go out, log in to your admin pages, and experiment! And once you’ve done that, share your results with us via the comments below.

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