It has finally arrived, an easy, and most of all cheap (as in “Free”) way to sync your iPhone with your Google Calendar and Contacts. And the best thing of all, it doesn’t even require you to install new software! All you need to do is add a new Exchange account on your iPhone, after you backed up your current data via iTunes (adding an exchange account wipes out all your iPhone’s contact and calendar data).

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Tap Add Account….

4. Select Microsoft Exchange from the list.

5. Enter a name for this account in the Email field, this can be anything you want.

6. The Domain field can be left blank.

7. Enter your Google email address as the Username (

8. Use your normal Google password as the Password.

9. Go to the next screen.

10. Enter in the server field.

11. Go to the next screen again.

12. Select which Google services (Contacts and/or Calendar) you want to have synced to your iPhone.

After proceeding to the next step, all your original data will be removed from your iPhone’s calendar and contacts, so make sure you created a back up via iTunes first!

13. Press Sync twice when warned about data loss.

Et voila, your iPhone will now sync over the air with your Google Calendar and Contacts!

The new interface from Google is still in beta, and may show some rough edges, but then again, Google’s Gmail is also still in beta…

Some of the drawbacks of Google Sync for iPhone is that it currently cannot handle more than five calendars and a set amount of e-mail addresses and numbers per person. Also the pictures of your contacts are not synced.

But, I suppose there are worse things then this…

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