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I often get the question if this or that Google Adsense Get Rich system is trustworthy or not.

Most of the time, the answer this is no. There are several ways to increase your earnings via adsense, and in the long run even make a living from adsense, but there is not a single system that will have you earn 100$ a day with adsense, starting from scratch.

Google is one of the greatest brands of the internet, without any doubt. This means that alot of scams rise up using the Google brand to trick potential customers.

Google scams promising fast cash mostly consist of e-books one has to buy, which contain numerous promises of getting rich very fast, by simply following these few easy steps. Most often, these steps include creating 500 websites, putting adsense on them, get 2000 visitors a day per website, and use some adsense-tricks.

[ad]If you do the math, you can’t but believe in their system. If you do indeed have 500 websites, and each website has 2000 visitors, and an average CTR (Click Through Rate) of 2% (which is rather low), and a payment of 0.25$ per click, you will get 40 clicks a day per site, at 0.25$ per click, means 10$ per day per site. And you have 500 sites, so you make 5000$ a day using Adsense, that is 1825000$ a year!

So, you quit your day job. You borrow 10000$ from Mister Mobster, who never takes his sunglasses off, and drives a black, tinted-windows-Mercedes GL. Promising him to pay him back in 2 weeks (hey, you’re gonna earn 5000$ a day, remember, you can go and bring him his money with your Porsche Carrera GT!).

But then, you notice that creating 500 websites is not that easy… Not even using templates. But you manage, using templates, and articles from articledirectories that you can use freely.

And then, you see that nobody on the internet is waiting for 500 new websites with content that you can find on at least 10 other websites. So you post comments, work yourself through the full list of social networking websites, and place links all over the internet, driving traffic to your websites. And it works! you have some more visitors already! 100 a day even! Good, great work, now sit back and watch the traffic increase, and the money roll in.

And sit… and wait… and wait… and sit… and refresh those stats… and log in to your Google Adsense dashboard again… And sit… and wait… throw a rock at the F5 key, which, in the meantime is totally worn out from refreshing… and you wait and sit…

And the only change that you notice is that your traffic is dramatically decreasing, already after a few days. And the only visitors left are the ones that accidentally clicked a link they found somewhere on the net.

And another thing you notice, is that you never reached the 2% CTR, since traffic from social networking site typically is low CTR traffic… They just come in, and hop out again fairly fast.

And then comes the time that Mister Mobster drops by to get his payment. And he is accompanied by two 7 inch feet giants who have more musclemass than the average ox. And you realize, that you’d better start out with one blog, and write unique content for it, and use the legit way of earning via Adsense…

There is some truth in these systems though, but you need to be able to filter it out, and don’t expect to get rich overnight.

The ideal way of earning via Adsense? Gradually build up a Google Adsense Empire. Start out with a blog in a niche, about a topic that you are interested in, and get that blog running well. Attract lots of visitors and incoming links. The way to do that? Unique content, nothing else. If your blog starts running ok, focus on a second blog, and even a third, following the same principle. In the meantime, you can also start working on a full website. Again, make one in a niche, and work hard on it. Fill it with unique content, but also add a forum and such. Make it a site that can keep its visitors inside for at least 5 minutes, preferrably even much longer. Make it Web2.0 (hence, the forum). Inbetween, add more blogs, but gradually, don’t ever forget about your other websites and blogs. Google loves content, unique content, but also regularly updated content.

Et voila, that’s the way to start earning via Google’s Adsense. No need to buy a startpackage worth 4,995$ + 750$ free added value, now for only 49.95$, if you decide right now, which will earn you at least 5000$ a month! You just got all the info you need for free. Do you want to give it a try on Adsense? Then first check out the article “Getting Started With Adsense” which will guide you with your first steps in the wonderfull world of Adsense.

And if you still need more info? Just ask, you can get that for free too 😉

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