Nowadays, everyone is discussing Search Engine optimization. There are many tips available by the experts from different industries on this matter. The people are always looking to grab any effective and fresh SEO strategy which can help them to build the website with the highest rank.

It is always better to consider the SEO tips shared by the Google itself. The Google has its own report card on different products, it enables webmaster analyze his SEO strategy in an effective way. You have to consider and implement this report well to get the higher page rank.


Three core fundamentals of SEO are:

  1. Achieving the superior search engine results of web pages
  2. Handling the virus attack on the web pages that affects the page performance
  3. Getting as many visitors as you can.

The summary of the report card:

URL Structure

The web page presentation on the search engine can spectacularly improve if you develop the features like Meta description tag, title, URL structure and other tag. These features tell the search engines and the users what that page is about and help you to gain higher rank and huge traffic.

Always select the simple URL structure that should be easier to remember. Experimenting with the different URL structure can make difficult to search for the particular content. Handing the broken links and the 404 errors will surely improve the page ranking.

Snippets and the Titles

Don’t make the titles and snippets difficult to understand, keep them simple and easy. You can use maximum of 60 words in title tags to get the best results. Selective usage of the words is recommended; the keywords should be interesting and keep the visitor’s perspective in mind. The snippet acts like the first user interface on the website. That should be interesting enough to inspire visitors to click on the URL. You need to do regular work on the on-site optimization tools like internal linking, title tags and the keywords.

Site Links

This is the most favorite tool for the SEO experts. It shows your interest in finding the information on what they are looking for. To achieve this level, you have to make the navigation of your site for search engines and users. There are two types of these links, appealing and non appealing. Appealing links can take you to the relevant information. It is recommended to blog all the non- appealing site links to get



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