It sounds pretty much like a repeat of the iPhone VS Android debacle. Let’s get straight to the point here. Google TV is a media sensation that gained quick traction because it was coupled with Sony TV. It requires a box to access, like cable TV. It seems that when it was apparent that there were bugs in Apple TV, Google decided to capitalize on the research already done to ” create a better mousetrap”, so to speak. This has proven to be a winner in the past.

Google TV Vs Apple TV: Which Is Better

Google Vs Apple: The Battle Continues

These platforms’ both serve the same primary purpose, serving up movies, television, music and photography on demand from your computer or mobile device. The debate springs from the fact that each company has a very different model for doing this. Read on for a review of the differences and then you can decide which is better for your particular needs.


You can have the greatest most up to date hardware on the planet and it means nothing if you cannot watch the shows you want to watch, when you want to watch them. Apple TV is mainly for the apps that Apple already has proprietary ownership of. With apple you can find out if they have your favorites only through itunes. They also have a deal with Netflix so that you can watch movies instantly with your “Netflix subscription”. You can also get an app to watch “You tube videos”, but it is primarily a set top box like cable. To access web material you have to connect the box to the computer and browse from there.

Google TV is scheduled over time to be connected to every satellite and cable box. With web browsing on your TV you can search for movies by actor, director or any other search criteria you choose. You can find and record shows to watch at a later time. If it is accessible via the web then it is also on Google TV. Hulu and all of the others can be browsed and shows watched on the “Big Screen”. Google also offer the best of it including Flash related web games. Apple sadly does not have a flash compatible system.

There you have it, just a few of the major differences between Google TV and Apple TV. It is also a matter of preference. There will be those of you who because of a feeling of loyalty will stick with one or the other. For those looking for more bang for your buck, my money is on google.


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