Printing from your iPhone made easy

Having a printer in your iPhone will be of great help to you. This will ease your work, if maybe you have an email that you would like to send to people and it is agent. You will not need to go to a computer to print it. You just do it using your iPhone. Other things you might want to print are photos from your email, web page and any text or articles

Print this on your iphone!

Print this on your iphone!

Adding this printer is easy and all you need is to follow this few steps and you will be done.

There different printers that you can add on your iPhone which we are going to focus on, that is; HP printer

The first one that we are going to look on is how to add HP printer on your iPhone;

Here are the steps to follow;


Make sure you have the latest iTunes and the iPhone firmware.

Connect your HP printer to your network


Go on the Application store and download the HP iPrint

Hit on the HP iPrinter and it will open the photo library.


Pick on the library that has an image that you want to print, which will open a screen with the print preview option. You will be able to see it there.


You will see the blue print button and at the bottom, you will be able to see the HP printers.


At the HP printers list you see a list of printer where you will click on the printer that you want to add on your iPhone.


After making your choice, you can finally add it .



Here are the steps that you may follow when adding a printer to your iPhone using computer.



Turn on your computer.

Get the latest version of iTunes and iPhone firmware.

Connect your printer into your computer.

Go to the photography section, click on the app store, and download the air photo Wifi printing.


Click on the air photo Wifi printing icon, which will open the photo libraries.


Click on the image you want to print


Click on the connect option at the bottom of screen

Go to the browser page and choose the computer that you would like to print from and add it

A call can interrupt the process by some minutes or even hours’ thus delaying the whole process.The process is very simple. Make sure you have enough ink for this work and you will like what you have printed.



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