Pinterest started offering Video pins to its users since August 2011, but the nature of video pinning has greatly changed since then. In April, 2012, Pinterest got into collaboration with Vimeo as its video integration partner. Vimeo is renowned for attracting videos from a more design and artsy conscious crowd, and its aesthetic should plug in completely with the Pinterest’s keenly visual user base.

Adding videos to Pinterest is very easy, in case you have never done that before, below are some vital points that will help you do it with ease.

–       Ensure You Have an active YouTube Channel

Pinterest can easily fetch videos from a YouTube channel, but to make use of this feature, you will require an active YouTube channel.

–       Ensure You have Branded Videos

Pinterest users do not prefer viewing YouTube videos. Once they click on the link, it automatically opens within the interest platform. For this reason, having a branded video is of vital importance.

–       Create Your Own Pinterest board specifically For The YouTube Channel

When you are to name your board, ensure to keep into account the SEO aspects. Pinterest really help you bring more and more traffic, not only from Google but its own community so well. Therefore, you should make use of the most appropriate keywords.

–       YouTube’s Embedded Link

Acquire the embedded link to your videos from YouTube. Do not go for the short link as Pinterest will reject it as it finds it a spam. You have to get the longer link.

–       Upload a Pin

Adding video to Pinterest, you need to add a new pin, and then copy the embedded link via YouTube into the Add a pin box.

–       Select the Most Suitable Board

Once you have uploaded the content, you need to select the most suitable board you would like your videos to be featured on.

–       Add a Description

You are provided with 500 characters to describe your video. Make sure what you write is appealing, and also includes the keywords related to your site.

–       Link to Your Site or Squeeze Your Page

Add in the complete URL of your site and then squeeze the page to the description box. This is not only going to work as a backlink to your site but also a great approach to make it easier for people to get to your blog or the landing page.

–       Sharing on Facebook

As you login to your Pinterst account, all of your updates will be automatically updated to all of your social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. This makes sharing on other portals quite easier.

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